The building standing before you,

Was made from brick and water.

Entering requirements,

be polite to owner also porter.

No man or woman should cross the threshold,

If one prefers only the gold.

The doorman himself has the right from owner, to basques those who withhold,

"good afternoon' here's my silver spoon,

I do not like that bellboy .

He speaks a truth, I know nothing about and he looks way beneath me.

The decor of this building

Was created with honest truths.

Each one standing inside, built a piece while wearing honest  boots.


A building is brick and water

 while Morals make it a home.

No bickering or deceiving ,

Not one standing All alone.

Inside of this building,

Each one feels the same,

kindest and purest heart's of all

No one is  left out in the rain.

A little to share,

Lots of love to give

An understanding of ones pain.

No hidden agenda,

No room for snakes

Not any are here to gain.

A problem shared 

Is a problem solved

Because we are FRIENDS ,we are all involved.

Being an owner of a degree

Doesn't mean they matter more then you nor me.

Book's can not teach ' the words we preach

I await the day at those big gates

When its to late 

They will see

Then live with guilt

For all eternity...






◄ Authentic self

Grounded ►


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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 17:30

Thank you for looking beyond the word's and Understanding the importance it holds alone. Your comment and your time taking to read it are immensely appreciated 💕

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Farag Afify

Fri 8th Feb 2019 16:52

"Book's can not teach ' the words we preach"
Dear Creative Poetess .. very nice statement .. it is briefing many meanings in one line.

thank you for sharing this nice poem.

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lisa donohoe

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 21:39

Thank you for reading clark.greatly appreciated.
Yes, sometimes a little and most times alot 😁

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Sun 3rd Feb 2019 20:15

I like this. I sense some common themes in your writing.

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lisa donohoe

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 17:55

Thank you jay 😃
I believe no matter what,one should ALWAYS have a friends back ...

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 17:33

"A problem shared is a problem solved, because we are friends we are all involved."

One of my favourite lines ever. Honest, accurate and succinct. Just brilliant.😀

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