Monochrome Days: (Poetry for Schools)

Monochrome Days: (poetry for schools)


In the '50s and early '60s

gas was still the norm

in city streets and passageways;

at home to keep us warm


And during bleak mid-winters

when people used more coal

the air was thick and foggy

and illness took its toll


Us children knew no better;

life had always been like this

sore throats and runny noses

were impossible to miss


Only with reluctance

were we ever kept off school;

unlike the current 'softies'

wrapped in cotton wool


We didn't all have telly

so we spent our time outside

with skipping ropes and marbles

or taking turns to hide


No mobile phones or X-box

or computers, one apiece;

just look at people nowadays

unhealthy and obese


We built up our immunity

through scratches, cuts and bumps

and only saw the doctor

for chickenpox and mumps


But times have changed, and so must we

regrettable to say

the winds of change are moving fast;

no time for yesterday.

Monochrome daysPoetry for Schools

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jennifer Malden

Thu 7th Feb 2019 15:35

Hi Dave! Hope they closed the school too!!!

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Dave Caplan

Wed 6th Feb 2019 20:42

Memories Jennifer, memories !
I sure do remember chilblains as a regular winter occurrence on my tootsies.....extremely sore.

In those days all our schools had outside toilets (shiny toilet paper) and used to freeze regularly in winter....what joy when the janitor had to close them 'until further notice.'

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jennifer Malden

Wed 6th Feb 2019 17:45

Really enjoyed this. Remember at my boarding school we were supposed to keep the window open at night, and one morning found our toothbrushes iced over!!!!! Now one could report that! Not sure about the softies in cotton wool - the nursery school ones at least. The teachers here complain that they don't stay long enough at home after an illness, as the Mums have to go to work. Do you remember chilblains too?


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Dave Caplan

Wed 6th Feb 2019 17:28

Thanks for all your encouragement Po, it is well appreciated.
Sometimes I have to hold myself back from being one of the MOB (moaning old bastards).

By the way I have not the faintest idea what AI & VR are?


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