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Chronic pain


Pain changes me everyday 

It limits what I do and effects what I say

It likes to help my mood disorder fuck me up 

and I wake up each morning wishing myself good-luck

Appart from there's nowhere that luck can fit into this feeling of waking up isn't any bliss 

There's no rest full or natural sleep involved 

I wish so much my sleep pro longed that my dreams would procrastinate and let me lay there much longer 

But still even lay there the pain gets stronger 

my eyes open and automatically start to fill 

With tears from the pain and anger as I lay still 

I'm stiff as a corpse and my body has no will 

With my energy drained I don't feel refreshed and I dread the thought of getting dressed 

My joints feel swollen my muscles don't want to move 

to lift my head is enough for one day but still I drag myself to get out of bed 

My hips need prompting to start allowing me to walk 

then when people see me they expect me to talk 

When really all I want to do is cry 

the pain is agonising makes me wish I'd just die 

But still I try to smile even when it hurts because the show must go on so wait till they've all gone then I can cry 

But crying doesn't do much but cause more pain and emotional distress 

Because I go through the same routine everyday just imagining how crippled I will be if I push to get dressed 

But the pain isn't visible to an open eye 

You can't see where it hurts there's no proof that it's there 

so often I'm accused of being lazy to be sat on a chair 

I try and take it easy with things I can do 

But the pain relief is next to none 

But like people say 

Who cares ... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 19th Feb 2019 06:33

Really good, but my heart goes out to you. I have some constant daily pain and know how bad that can be, but nothing like this.

Great poem ?

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