My M

Its 2 am and I can't stop thinking about you. 
The way your eyes crinkle,
the way your lips curl into a smile
God that smile showing your teeths,​                  ​​​looking at me and i take you in.

Every dent of your skin, every spot,                            all the twinkles in your eyes, the prettiest nose scrunch,                                                                        the elfish ears wrenching my heart.

How do I put the flutter of my heart into words?
At times like these, the languages seem so useless Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, handsome.. these are just words made by random letters
put forward by some old soul in his 60s,
Taught to us to communicate with this stupid society.

Not enough not a little bit enough to convey these complex emotions to you when I see your face in front of my eyes.

I can only look at you and dream
Dream of looking into those eyes, directly not through this screen,
pinching that nose then kissing it playfully, you would scrunch it again and I would kiss you,
Kiss you so deep with all the love I have for you with my everything.
Taking away your worries with my love
My most precious my M my soulmate my bestfriend let me love you,
till the end of time and after.

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