National Character

National Character.

Whether we like it or not we are a different lot
various shoots from the same vine,
all living in the same time.
Differing in so many respects
but forming a variety of sects.
Land , history and culture doth breed
Nations of people separated indeed.
Language, religion and cuisine
are the ingredients so evidently seen?.
A flag, an anthem, we stand to attention
all of which are worthy of mention.

A string of onions and black beret
these are surely a dead give away.
Chianti, spaghetti and plenty of pasta
here we know who were are after.
Bands, uniforms and Teutonic efficiency
these are sons of total proficiency.
Lace curtains, privets and cups of tea
where else could we possibly be?.
Fast cars , cops and the yellow cab
all the bad guys about to get nabbed.

Robin Island and Nelson Mandela
these two need no seller.
The Pyramids and the River Nile
always draw a historical smile.
Sari, sitar and the Taj Mahal
where can this be my pal?.
The little Red Book and the famous yen
here I need not use my pen.
The haggis, sporran, and tartan kilt
not even a wee dram has been spilt.
The click of a clog ,the wall of a dyke
there is no guessing what it is  like. 
A sombrero with clicking castanets
yes your right, we need not bet.

The bear, the forest and a land so great
any discovery would leave us too late.
Pagoda, Emperor and the rising sun
it is really all said and done.
Outback, didgeridoo and kangaroo
let´s not make to much ado.

We really are a different lot
yet bubble along in the same pot.
Islam, Judaism and Christianity
but only one God do we see.
Black, yellow, white and in between
we come in shades barely seen.
For we are all Jock Thompson´s bairns
apples that have fallen from one tree.

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