I have a funny story!!!

It holds nothing but the truth.


I meet a man,who claimed to like me!

So early on in his youth.


When He first appeared,

Standing tall ' un- shaved beard.


Speaking like he knew me

For all the bus to see,

I sat with much confusion!

Nothing made sense to me.


After our first encounter,

I was dazzled and quite surprised.


I couldn't remember this man

I did not recognize his eyes.


 than he found me on Facebook

And we talked almost everyday.


With all of our conversations had

The confusion still never went away.


Fast forward a whole year

And the juicy goss starts.


This man ,than goes and writes a poem

And sends it directly to my heart.


Speechless yet smitten,

I turned the brightest red.


I did not reply to it,

I asked him the famous question instead.


remember at the start?

When you spoke like you knew me?

How was that so?

Because I do not know you like I do now!!! 


This is how it took that twister,

This charming poet happened to mistaken me,

for my much older sister.


Now he is embarrassed,

And im a little gutted.


I didnt have much left to say

So I nodded and remained muted.


My sister found it quite hilarious

And laughed the entire day.

I myself had a giggle

but not in the HAW HAW way.





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lisa donohoe

Mon 11th Feb 2019 09:42

Awhhh,,,, that was so kind of you to say farag 💕

I do enjoy writing alot.
I write short story's for my kid's for bedtimes.
They enjoy them alot as its always based on their daily antics.

I twist it to make it hilarious with alot of teaching also..

Needless to say , they close their eyes with much wisdom absorbed and a great laugh.

Thank you for this lovely comment. It touched my soul 💕

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Farag Afify

Mon 11th Feb 2019 09:31

Dear Creative Poetess and Story Writer .. i enjoyed reading your nice poem .. i feel like you're a story writer .. really .. you've the qualifications to draw an excellent plan for nice stories too .. not only poetry. Best wishes dearest Lysa.

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lisa donohoe

Thu 7th Feb 2019 14:30

A man who is greedy and daring,

simply loves the idea of sharing.

bold and brass and getting no ass,

The man has lost his chances

Due to these circumstances.

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Dave Caplan

Thu 7th Feb 2019 11:50

Sisters are supposed to love and share:
which half of him do you want.....the top or bottom?

Sorry Lysa. Couldn't resist it 😪


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