Exit Stage Left

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If the Brexit Breferendum had been Branded Bremain would the outcome have differed, #thepowerofspin.


BrExit, whose Brainchild was that,

Disenfranchised by Brussles and BrEurocrats.

Burning our Bridges to Brace the Breeches.

Of borders Brexploited by Brigands and Leeches.

But were we too Brash? Perhaps a tad Brisk.

To Brexit stage left before assessing the risk.

Did the Braying press prey on our fears.

Brainwash the grey stuff between our ears.

Did we race to Brembrace a perceived impunity?

Brushing aside our strength in unity

Breaking apart our united nations

Brexchanging community for isolation

Did we take time out to ponder and Breflect

Upon the consequence of leaving, upon the nett Breffect

Or did we just Bruminate on what to do

With Brian and Brenda over a Brew

The topic was Broached and bandied about

In provincial pubs over Brandy and stout

Should we Breakout or should we Bremain

Breclaim our sovereignty long may we reign

Did we vote with our hearts instead of our Brains?

In the hope of making Britannia Brighter again.

Bar Brefugee’s and end Brimmigration

The Breconomic cornerstones of this Brilliant nation

And what about the Bravehearts who Brelected to stay

Dragged by their Breeks into the fray

Xenophobe and Xenophile Brawled in the street

One Brazen in glory one Brave in defeat

I sit and observe, one BreyeBrow raised

It was Brutal, I’m Breathless and somewhat amazed

A vicious Brouhaha and a closely fought fight

The Brexiteers accorded victory and the Bragging rights

So it’s bye to the Bratwurst, Brett, Brie and Brioche

No thanks we’re British shove your foreign tosh

With Brextraction looming in Theresa we trust

Where deal or no deal Brequates to shit or bust

Be it a Bresounding success or outright failure

Bruck this for a lark, I’m off to Australia


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<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 20th Feb 2019 10:22

I like your honest poetry it is so readable and it leaves an imprint.

"But were we too brash? perhaps a tad brisk
to Brexit stage left before assessing the risk"?

Just two lines - and it says it all. What have we done?

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