Whipping Willow

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Wind whipped tails of a weeping willow,

Snip and snap on the surface so sharp,

Of my bedroom window as I rest on my pillow,

The breeze through the trees resonates like a harp.


A gale is galing, a wailing wind wailing,

Atrocious, ferocious, it breaks my rest,

And the whip and the crack of the snip and the snap,

On the window, puts it panes to the test.


But safely inside is where I reside,

So the willow can crack and snap as it pleases,

My mind is resigned and safely consigned,

Back to sleep until the storm eases.

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Mon 11th Feb 2019 20:39

Willows are my favorite of all trees. One fell on the corner of my house once and the insurance company gave me a check for $10k. I've loved willows even more since that day! Willows are a great reminder to bend with the wind to ride out the storm. Thanks for sharing! 💖

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Mae Foreman

Mon 11th Feb 2019 19:05

It reminds me a little bit of Mother Goose rhymes which I love! I loved it Jason!
Thank you🎈

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 11th Feb 2019 15:56

Thanks Po, don't really know where it came from, what inspired it, or where I was going with it once I started.
But starting's the important bit, the rest tends to work itself out.
Genuinely, thank you, (wasn't sure if it was any good 🙂)


Mon 11th Feb 2019 14:10

Great rhyme Jason.

Really liked this


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