Single mom's

Everything we do,

We did it for you.


Yes it was hard,

But all of the greatest accomplishments are.


Once we felt, we couldn't cope


Emotional turmoil felt like

We're Dangling from a rope.


The tears and the tantrums

The pain in ears 'from beating drums.


Countless nappies

And sore bums.


Walking the landing 

While soothing your gums.


Late night walking to find anything that numbs.


No sleep

No eating


Feeling depressed ,as the couple's kept competing.


No help for single mom's

The tiredness , just repeating


No need for chair's

No time for sitting


Baggy eye's

And messy hair


Messy clothes

But single mom's cant care


To much to do

And not enough time


Men giving up on children

Should be a crime.


We dont mind talking care of our children all of the time


But we do mind when you let them down


Never turning up

Just not arsed to be around.


Reinsurance is the key

Everyday proving, what they mean to me


Showing them unconditional love

And that is forever, what they see


No thanks to you

But all thanks to me



◄ Ready ;-)



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lisa donohoe

Sat 16th Feb 2019 21:27

Your comments always make me smile dear friend, thank you kindly 💕

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 16th Feb 2019 13:34

You know there's an old saying, "When you have children, you stop being the picture and become the frame."

I read this and instantly think of that. Sounds to me like the best frame any picture could hope for.

Sounds to me like a very special Mum.☺ X

Absolutely loved it.

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