Embrace Your Sincere Love

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the thick morning mist shivered around itself
never made my heart cold for sure
because my whole heart has warmed up
I embrace your sincere love full of protection

dew drops at the end of the green leaf blade
refresh the orange mixture, our hearts glow
our desire to grow up is as impressive as possible
get rid of worrying about coming to dry season

black and white butterfly perched on a yellow top
sharing our feelings is always side by side
staggering the powerful instincts of clear arousal present
flow coolness does not want to dry

the early hours of dawn were welcome to appear sunny
complete steps must fill the beautiful day
I stare at your smile happily in self portraits
in simple yellow and blue but harmonious

boisterous melodious birds chirping through the eardrums
mutually complement the beautiful rhythm of the draw
create complete symphony of nature without discord
make love with romance in a beautiful song

good morning the true gift of my soulmate
with us through time to join miss
we warmly embrace our passion without hesitation
happy must be ahead because we are always one

Solo-Indonesia, Thu, 10th January 2019. 5:27 am
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo

ilustr: Anna Shukeylo


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