One day the oceans ascend  
and waves pluck thoughts from the aethyr
and tsunamis dumbstruck with wonder
bring clarity
to the new brain of the sea.

The waters recall for the first time and go half-mad
with anger; the waters are the givers of life and
yet the first breath the New One took
was choked and polluted.

Soon, the great waves crash and the ice-sheets crack 
and great beasts
long-thought extinct 
rise from the depths and break the surface

Tides recede worldwide and the coves are parched
before monstrous columns of blue march toward land
while billions of fish flop on an airless plateau
waiting to gain 
life from the liquid skyscrapers.

Soon the planets will shift
and erratic consciousness
will be
tamed by eccentric orbits
but for now
the land screams.
When there is silence
the ocean will return 
to its mindless incubation 
of us all
for the first
and last time.

And the silence like a pierced lung wheezing.

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Alan Travis Braddock

Tue 26th Feb 2019 14:57

Clever, with much imagination and vision. Do you have a collected poems anywhere? - Not stuff to be read alone in the dark, mind

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kealan coady

Mon 18th Feb 2019 14:09

Wow that's an amazing comment. Thanks very much man

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keith jeffries

Mon 18th Feb 2019 13:48

I have to hand it to you mate, you are a good poet, extraordinary in imagination and talent. With every word you take the reader with you .
Recently you have produced work on this site which cannot be equalled.

Thank you indeed.

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