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Don't stand alone in the dark,

For whatever reason you went out there,

There's no answer that can help you, out there.


I understand why you'd want to look,

I know because I've spent time out there,

Too much time, and just found doubt there


I stayed mostly for pride,

I stayed and called the demons out there,

Angrily, I'd stand and shout there.


No demons ever came,

But in that silent dark I found there,

A deadening of light and sound there.


So answerless turned to the light,

A distant chink of of light just hinting,

Of a door that lay beyond it's glinting.


And as I stepped through the door,

The light it shone so bright upon me,

That no darkness was left on me.


And in that light I could see,

The dark of fear and hate and sin there,

Was something I had carried in there.


The light had opened my eyes,

To see these things that nearly beat me,

Must be accepted to complete me.


They must be held in the light,

For only then you see them clearly,

And once controlled you hold them dearly.


Each of us just like a coin,

Heads and tails complete each other,

Can't exist without one another.


So don't be a coin in the dark,

Heads and tails they hide from sight,

You'll see your value in the light.

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Tue 12th Feb 2019 12:05

Good analogy.

Heads you win, tails I lose.


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