The stupid adults 

Tell us what we do is wrong

What could they know about

Being young


They’ve forgotten

They’re scared of

What we’ll become


They can’t imagine 

Where we go

Where these thoughts take us

What do they know about 


This world they’ve created

Beyond their control

They never got it 

Now it eats them


The stupid adults

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 10th Feb 2019 07:30

It seems every generation's sneers at and belittles the ones that follow.

It is of course wrong and says more about the sneerers than the hopeful. Endless ramblings about how everything was better when, the world is going to ruin, we're all doomed because of the internet...dear oh dear.

Goddamn the printing press they howled, fuck em...and I'm 56 years old so what would I know.

I worship the young, we all should we've made a mess for them and left them something to do, like all generation's do that's how life is.

Nice poem,


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Robert C Gaulke

Sat 9th Feb 2019 20:50

Thanks for the comments. I just transcribe these things as soon as the fall into my head....

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 9th Feb 2019 15:47

The young have always been part of Mother Nature's very own
form of "consumer obsolescence" plan, designed to take over from
their predecessors and improve (?) on what was achieved before.
Wasn't it Shaw who wrote that youth is wasted on the young? But
back in the day, the young from a wide range of backgrounds
faced early maturity through necessity and the alternative left them
few options if they were to survive to a complaining old age. These
paved the way for the youth of today who seem unwilling to set foot
beyond their home street, let alone their town, in the quest for a future meaningful adult life. Has the "get-up-and go" just "got up and went"? 😧

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keith jeffries

Sat 9th Feb 2019 13:16


I like this poem as it is blunt and speaks the truth. Its brevity adds gravity to its message. Well done.

Thank you


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