Where would men be

without the touch

of our pet's gentle paws


pets give us

kind relationships

from which we surely draw


pets give us pause

to restlessness

in softness they extend


a natural joy to all of us

we become

more gentle men.


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Don Matthews

Wed 20th Feb 2019 22:06

dk us Ladies Union
You've neglected in your verse
What of our lovely pussies
With gentle paws, smooth furs?

They also give us pause
To restlessness, yes when
When they put to us, yes when
Their softness they extend

So don't forget our pussies
In any verse dk (future)
Or else our Ladies Union
Will come down hard, not suit yer


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keith jeffries

Wed 20th Feb 2019 12:48

As the owner of two rescue dogs and the owner of many dogs over the years this poem certainly rings true. Dogs are true companions and can teach us a lot about ourselves. They can also help us to be less selfish.

Thank you for this poem


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