God's Question

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Does a lie has feet or walk 
Only liars have more than two 
Don't listen to a lie as a joke 
Then will help lies to grow 


God will ask; why do you lie? 
So get ready for God's punishment. 
Me, you, them, surely will die 
Should keep ready for last statement 


Get back soon to the early pureness 
And stop cheating creatures
Just in case you look for happiness 
Be faithful now for the future

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Farag Afify

Thu 28th Feb 2019 19:04

Dearest Creative Poetess .. so happy reading my words .. honestly I suffered much of those colors of lies .. for a while i lost my temper. that is the main reason of writing this lines. Thank you so much.

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lisa donohoe

Thu 28th Feb 2019 00:38

Big lies ' tiny white lies , any form of lying is deceitful.
This is a realistic poem which speaks so much volume about the essential need to be honest no matter what!
Lying to save anothers feelings is also wrong, for the truth will always rise to the surface.
Great job my friend ?

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