The Beast

The Beast


The Beast lives in unparalleled luxury

with an unlimited source of pleasure and wealth

The Beast is free of rules or restrictions

his position is secure and unassailable


The Beast has an ever expanding Empire

his control extends further day by day

The Beast has tentacles long and grasping

nothing can evade his reach


The Beast thrives on power as his sole diet

the more he wants the more he strives for

The Beast is highly devious and manipulative

he is utterly selfish and self centered


The Beast exploits the world of commerce and politics

this is his fertile ground where he plants his seed

The Beast can buy what he wants and whenever

his appetite is insatiable and indiscriminate


The Beast has one very special ambition

to wage war in order to generate more wealth

The Beast wants bigger and better bombs

cyber and electronic control over his enemies


The Beast does not participate in war

but he profits from many a conflict

The Beast supplies all the ammunition

those killed or maimed mean nothing to him


The Beast enjoys creating other beasts

for competition and sport

The Beast loves to hunt in search of new prey

he will entice other beasts into his arena of conflict


The Beast feeds the wealthy and the hedonist

supplying all their materialistic needs

The Beast relishes in the chaos and pain of others

in their destruction and ultimate defeat


The Beast finds pleasure in the creation of misery

viewing with mirth the hungry and diseased

The Beast can use these unfortunates

in his quest for more wealth and fame


The Beast is not entirely autonomous

although he enjoys considerable freedom

The Beast has a master far removed

who lives in perpetual darkness to avoid the light

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Feb 2019 08:26

Thank you all for your comments and observations.

When I wrote this poem I was thinking of those who hold immense power and abuse that power. Trump, Putin, the lunatic in North Korea and many in the last century who reeked internation havoc and misery: Stalin, Hitler and other dictators of the 20th century. Their ultimate master is the Evil One - Satan, the great liar and manipulator. Martin, I must confess the Book of Revelation sits in the background as I was a student of Theology at Oxford. I therefore see the conflict between darkness and light as being played out within ourselves and throughout the world.

Thank you again for your interest.

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kJ Walker

Wed 13th Feb 2019 07:17

Anyone in particular in mind when you wrote this one Keith?
I suppose it could refer to lots of people on lots of levels.
I wonder if the "master" has a master of his own. Or is he the big-boss.

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Martin Elder

Tue 12th Feb 2019 23:01

This is particularly powerful poem. It reminds me a little of the book of revelation.
great poem Keith


Tue 12th Feb 2019 19:51

The Beast has no brakes.
Heeds no signs

However as you elude to Keith in such brilliance here
He has a Master to answer to... To do his bidding.

Thoughtful and truthful observation


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