My Fault

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What did friends offer? 
Except only talking
I really allowys suffer
My heart is sadly shaking

There was time to judge
Who was a fake or pure 
Until we reached the edge
No friendship for sure

Life is a lie, and fancy
Nobody in reality is trusty
Friendship has no policy 
May be I'm, only, faulty 


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lisa donohoe

Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:22

Thank you millions for your kind reply ?
Their are lessons to be learnt in every single situation we encounter.

If you find anything repeating itself. ' it's because the lesson was not learnt.

Humans have a built in radar that can protect us against anything that is negative. Its called our intuition.

It can prevent us from being exposed to danger and energy sucking vampires.
It will go of like a bomb when its in familiar negative situations. Pay close attention to it always.
It will help you relies who your true friends are.
Being self aware is a good starting point.
Your journey is as incredible as you wish it to be. ?

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Farag Afify

Sat 9th Feb 2019 09:41

Dearest Creative Poetess .. Lysa .. I carefully read your outstanding comment related to "My Fault" .. you're one of the unique friends that consider and value the core of friendship. Disregarding my personal issue .. I fully agree with your judgement .. not to blame anybody .. not to blame myself even .. but to learn from the hard lesson. I'm grateful dear friend Lysa .. Thank you so much for your pure heart.

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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 16:02

I find those who are born with the purest of heart's often get burned the most.
Capable of forgiveness and capable of still spreading the love regardless of the sufferings they experienced.
For each time they get burnt
The soul who holds the flame learns a lesson. Its threw the pain of the victim he will only grow from.
Hence our big heart's purpose.

Do not blame thy self for the actions of another.
Its never one's fault but yet a mere reflection of what kind of person you just dealt with.
Grow and grow and never stop growing and showing the world how kind and amazing you are ?

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