Romantic Love Fantasy

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lulled by the singing of rain, I grabbed your sap
friendly tasting late at night drifting homesick
I enjoyed a long range of distance and time
to unite your heart wash each other wistfully

romantic fantasies come to my night and night
in silence nuances shade myself and yours
I want to present a touch of warm caressing you
remove fret that blocks your beauty

various crises sway your days
do not subvert your steps
to fill the meaning of your life
make sure I hold your fingers tightly
convincing you to remove your heart cloudy

leave your gloomy period to pass
live the best today welcome your tomorrow
the melodious tunes color your time
ignore their contradictions about you

in the cold wet midnight of my night
my loneliness hugs quietly yours
my imagination warms together
in the shadow of your presence
make sure to welcome
a real moment of chime

Solo-Indonesia, Tue, 8th January 2019. 8:18 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo

ilustr: Henry Asencio


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