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I thought some  humour would help lift our spirits


At times I feel quite silly

Silly as a wheel

Which then began me thinking

Why silly do I feel?


I do not like to lay blame

When I go willy-nilly, but

'Twas mum and dad who gave me

A gene for going silly


Now if you're a geneticist

You'll know this gene is rare

And if by chance you've got it

Then treasure it with care


So gather round WOL poets

Pay homage to this one

Degreed from School of Silliness

Who just wants to have fun


Come leave your doom and gloom aside

(At least just for a while)

Vile and bile's no good for you

Cos what you need's a smile


Smiles they make you feel good

Spread round willy-nilly

I'm being deadly serious now

No way I'm being silly


Don Matthews November 2018

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 14:47

To add to the fun...

The "Power That Be" thought women deserved fun
And whilst the angels considered it silly,
To please the ladies, every one,
He gave each man a willy. 😉


When he saw the PTB set on this path,
Ignoring the angelic calls,
The devil decided he was game for a laugh
And promptly gave every man balls!
(and the world's troubles multiplied)

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