Cursed is the air I breathe,

It carries words fouled by lies,

For myself she will never grieve,

But knowing her, no surprise.


Color of blood and bone,

But of course lacking both,

She speaks through my lips of stone,

I wish to tell but she is loath,


And so the skeleton hand grips mine,

My creation can now create,

Why she, the most cruel design,

Her taste for pain I cannot sate,


She is a companion of steel,

Her courage is worth the price,

I'll never know if she is real,

But she will turn my soul to ice.


If you should laugh at me,

Trust me, she laughs more.

She a titan you will never see,

Unblinking eyes from a dusty shore.


The harshest of gems uncut,

At least, uncut in the stone.

Not teeth but claws in a jaw shut

Upon delicate skin a bloody throne.


For my good, for my weakness,

Morphed demon of the dead,

This very curse my lips shall bless,

Scream like a fool "out of my head!"


Don't leave me, most faithful of alibis,

She has for me honesty brutal,

Fancy this from the queen of lies,

I envy her smirk and gall.


I am the weaker of the pair,

Is it my hope or deepest fear?

That from my eye she'll always stare,

Or my name she'll blot and smear.


She is me, I am her, we are we.

To stealing me away, she is prone,

Perhaps someday it will only be she,

I know it will never be me alone.

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<Deleted User> (19708)

Mon 25th Mar 2019 03:17

You paint words in beautiful shades.

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Mae Foreman

Sat 2nd Mar 2019 20:44

It's nice to know that "we" over here are not alone!?
Thank you

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Heart of Lead

Thu 21st Feb 2019 21:30

Thank you Jason, I appreciate your words and I am glad you found similar meaning. Coexisting within can be as hard to describe as it is to live.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 21st Feb 2019 06:50

I really like this, and the "she" that you speak of really resonates for some of us. I tried to put my "he" in a box, but that didn't work out well for either of us, so instead "we" coexist.
One foot in order, one foot in chaos, balanced on the fulcrum.

Love the style and rhythm of it. ?


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