In years past they possessed two shapes

one an X and the other a H

Today we look aloft to some like a farmers gate

now they arrive in all shapes and sizes

as new sophisticated models keep arising

I am intrigued by the variety of this new array

as new ones seem to appear every day

Strapped to the chimney of a nearby house

is one which resembles the cage of a mouse

Further along on the next road

is one similar to a lighting strobe

On the village square near to my relation

is one with the appearance of a tracking station

Some are like hideous contraptions

for mobile phones which have aroused passions

The latest invention is an underground cable

which will eventually all aerials disable

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All will be well ►


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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Feb 2019 14:56

Thank you all for your kind and constructive comments.

Po, your words illuminate problems which are easily overlooked and few are truly aware of. The very thought of marine life being so adversely affected by submarines is so dispiriting. We are called to be the custodians of the natural world but seem to be hell bent on its destruction.

Thank you all again.


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Brian Maryon

Sat 9th Feb 2019 22:41

It's the satellite dishes I can't stand. I've never had one. Good poem Keith.

Po you've got me really worried now but I trust you implicitly to come up with the solution.


Sat 9th Feb 2019 21:45

Ray is right Keith This is a great poem... I got a bit carried

I am quite passionate about this stuff mate.


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Sat 9th Feb 2019 21:31

I'm afraid my comment is a little stunted next to Po's, and while that is a serious assessment, I just wanted to say it was an enjoyable poem, and reminded me that I had to have a new aerial pointing away from Crystal Palace and down to Midhurst, whereby I have lost London news on BBC and have to put up with what happens in the southern towns Just as depressing I have to say .

All the best to you. Ray


Sat 9th Feb 2019 19:50

Great poem Keith we had the H and just one channel BBC. 625 lines.

Sadly the New 5G will mean a transmitter about every third lamppost

And 'The Internet Of Things' This will entrance a whole street, a whole town, a whole county, The Whole of The UK. The whole of the World. It is being rolled out as we speak every single day.

This is the most insidious, hideous, thing the human race has ever uncounted. Watch as the blood brain barrier is breached, as the cancer rates rise at an exponential rate as calcium ions efflux from our brains.

Watch as ADHD levels rise, watch as we lose our individual power to think for ourselves. As we told what to buy, how to think, and ultimately what to do... AND What not to do!

This will make Big Brother look like a walk in the park.

Watch as the insects die off, the birds and the bees die off. the trees die off.


Research the mass fish die offs, the amount of whales and dolphins that can't wait to jump out of the sea, because of the excruciating pain from the pulse from submarines radar effects on them.

Look overhead and see the chemicals being sprayed daily in grid patterns, and parallel lines that spread out across the sky causing an aerial of sorts in the ionosphere.
A toxic soup of aluminium and barium and other pathogens.

These particulates fall to earth and must be replenished.

At a size of 2 microns they permeate the lungs and accumulate in the brain and other organs.

Watch how the rise in a demented individuals increases at an every younger age and Parkinson's and crones disease climbs, to name just a few.

Notice how many people now suffer from tinnitus... a ringing in their ears.

Watch as the Earth's Schumann resonances change because of our intervention in Nature.

This is a silent but deadly killer.


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