Trust Me

I approach you as a relative stranger,

Who professionally faces genuine danger,

This site is for me a haven of peace,

Somewhere to unwind, to express and release.


My days are all conflict, I've been sprayed with spit,

I've rolled round on floors covered in blood and shit,

I've been called names that I just won't repeat,

And each time I've had to get back on my feet.


And through the harsh words and the grief and the blows,

The lesson that I and those like me knows,

Is that most of the grief stems from frustration,

And apologies tend to resolve situations.


We are all wise enough to write competent words,

None of us need to shout to be heard,

So from someone who faces real daily threats,

Trust me, it pays to forgive and forget.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Sun 10th Feb 2019 09:53

Very well written... love the lesson here, Jason.


Sat 2nd Feb 2019 00:07

Their is so much love and wisdom here.

Thank you for this.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 00:07

I'm reminded of my days at work in the past by these eminently
sensible words - but it's a sad fact that sometimes we are
dragged down into the dirt when the occasion arises. I have
been in that situation and know how frustrating it can be to offer
moderation into an unhearing ear feeding an unheeding mind.
Evening all!

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lisa donohoe

Fri 1st Feb 2019 23:37

Never has their been truer word's spoken
Great job
And so nicely put 😃

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