All will be well

All will be well


A landscape clad in cement and tarmac

steel and glass fortresses dominate our vision

Contamination erodes natural order and beauty

we wear masks to breathe and goggles to see

A barren world, an open prison

to escape is, to where and a fruitless errand

Cemeteries are fulll of the forgotten poor

as soldiers of greed march on to glory

Morality and values lie in the gutter

to be washed away by toxic detergents

Clinics dispense drugs to alleviate daily trauma

alcohol and tobacco are nil by mouth

Music serves no purpose, it is abolished

dance on a prohibited list

Poetry and literature, now subversive trash

Cameras scan every inch of mortal life

as conformity and obedience are paramount

Longevity has exceeded all expectations

sex encouraged, deviants held in high regard

as a new art form

Religious adherents awarded the death penalty

This is utopia our ultimate destination

the Shangri la so long awaited

More sloth and less ideas

and we will soon be there

The past is forgotten as it was decadent

we are now advanced, pristine and beautiful

Step inside the new high speed lift

be propelled at great velocity

Have an orgasm on the way

or a bowl of raspberry ripple ice cream

Government is no more - the new Computer

rules for us, so stay glued to the screen

It is programmed for prejudice

and keyed to control all

Concentration Camps and Education Centres

for free thinkers and original thought - an ancient concept

Pornography on the new school curriculum

as children are taught new techniques of masturbation

The future is bright

stick around and enjoy


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Mae Foreman

Mon 11th Feb 2019 19:16

Loved it Keith.
"Cemeteries are full of the forgotten poor as soldiers of greed march on to glory"
Strong stuff.
Thank you 🎈
(And thank you for teaching me the habit of saying "Thank you" to every poet for his poetry. I got it from you 🙏)


Mon 11th Feb 2019 11:38

Great piece of writing.... such insightful words that so many just can't take in for fear of having to admit to the honesty of it all.


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