I’m stuck trying to revise old moments with you 

when I realise that they are no longer there 

Not like in a “I’ve locked them up and thrown away the key” type of way 

This isn’t the doing of my subconscious either 

These memories have been stolen from me 

By time 


All I wish is to relive seconds of your hands on my bare skin

The cashmere softness of blankets beneath us 

My room warmed by fire, by smoke, by red hot embers 

of us 


Each caress was like a shock to my system 

Electricity within a city burning alight 

I dream of these moments 

But not with you anymore 


It’s like the remnants of pillow talk have disappeared with the washing of these sheets 

How I wish to inhale the scent of your shampoo again 

The sound of a shirt being carelessly dropped to the floor


But these are only figments of my imagination 

I can hear and see them

Traces of you are missing


This room is too cool 

too fresh 

Spicy musk mixed with late night perfume has evaporated from my senses

The dizzy air that you left me in has fluttered out this window 


So I wait 

For however long it takes 

‘Til I recreate such memories with someone new 

Knowing that it will never be the same as what I knew before

◄ An Ode to Trouvaille

#11 ►


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Douglas MacGowan

Wed 13th Feb 2019 20:42

Wow, this is a powerful piece about former lovers. It really brings out the mood of wistfulness of those strong feelings about past loves.

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