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Losing you in hues...

"Losing you in hues..."

I feel as if our time together was like a sunrise to sunset.

It began with you brightening the darknes in my life.


Much like a sunrise, you brought with you the promise of a new start.

You shined like the sun, bringing me joy and happiness.

I basked in the warm hues of happiness, content and love...


I forgot about the darkeness.

Sadly, I forgo...

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It was only ever fiction...

"It was only ever fiction..."

Growing up I was a lonely child, never quite fit in anywhere.

But I can remember it clearly, the day I found the solution.

The fix? BOOKS

They saved me then and continue to do so now.

Thanks to them I have visited distant worlds, gone on epic journeys and have made so many great friends.

And although they may seem to be only ever fiction, Books have ...

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Hello, my name is _____

"Hello, my name is _____"

Hello, my name is a combination of contradictory words strung together...

witty-anxiety-lost-dedicated-resourceful-strong-dorky-emotional-free spirited-

If you wish to know my one true name, you must learn to read between the tangled and frayed lines...

My name is in the spaces between.

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Where does the light go?

"Where does the light go?"

When we face our darkest moments,

When we feel the very foundation of our being cracking and fissuring and looking well beyond repair, we tend to ask ourselves:

Where does the light go?

When will it shine again?

When we feel that all hope is lost,

THE LIGHT begins to SHINE underneath the cracks and fissures of our being.

Where we once saw irreparable...

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