Why Do I Write?

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Why Do I Write?


My poetry won't change the world

That needs a move en mass

My cries and pleas are wasted

So is my writing 'trash'?


So why then do I write at all?

If no-one heeds my work

I need to bring what's inside out

From inside where it lurks


As poets I guess we all do this

We write just for ourselves

If others like our work, that's fine

(If not? OK, still fine)


Don Matthews November 2018


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keith jeffries

Fri 22nd Feb 2019 17:43

Don, stepping on toes and being misinterpreted is what it is all about. Keep on doing it. We need vibrant and challenging poetry not happy rhymers. Pen to paper Don.......sock it to them . Keith

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Don Matthews

Fri 22nd Feb 2019 13:21

Thankyou Keith

My trouble is I stand up and say what I think. Sometimes I'm misinterpreted. Sometimes I step on toes. Sometimes I jump in too quick. Ah, but maybe that's a poet's life...😎

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keith jeffries

Fri 22nd Feb 2019 13:02


Poets write not only as a means of personal expression or for cathartic reasons, but to draw people´s attention the world about us and the problems which beset us. We can be the voice of dissent, of indignation, of prophecy and warning. We shall never know who reads what we write or the impact we may have but it is our personal contribution, an offering with good intent. Poets have been imprisoned, executed and exiled for their work. That surely is an indication of the power of the spoken and written word.

Your poem raises a familiar question. Keep writing as you are good at it.

Thank you


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