The Real Culprit

In this shivered treachorious state of temperature

how does one fathom to prevent solid states of matter

without power it seems as though it won't flow 

so we'll eat snow

my H2O won't flow and doesn't know how to speak of it's matter

It seeps into the cracks and doen't stop at just that

expansion of course is one with the source

it can cripple and topple

this enemy is hard to grapple

it falls from the sky and is always near by

and we let it right in

with shelters and unbrellas we hope to defend

upon our steel we add  coats for extra protection

And it can corrode like a nasty infection

it can lay our circuits to waste

and still it is all around this place 

it can destroy all we know

without it we'd never grow 

its inhabitation we have come to know

the power that is really in control

dammed or not

this power is free

or can actually be bought

and it's a part of you and me




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