Georgie Pell Puddin' and Pie

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Georgie Pell, puddin’ and pie,

Kissed the boys and made them cry

When the piper came for pay

Georgie Pell feigned dismay

As gods his witness on the stand

The holy book in his holy hand

So help me god he swears his oath

And here’s the part I really loathe

Instead of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but

All that issues forth is smut

Did you feel remorse as you formalised?

Your train of events and your pack of lies

Without consensus you forced your lust

You preyed upon them, betrayed their trust

Your plea for leniancy shows you'll go to any length

"Plain vanilla sex acts" God give me strength!

You raped them George, drop the pretence

You shat on their childhood and innocence

Pray tell me how? Did the Church allow

The likes of you to sit at its prow

The Melbourne Response and the Ellis defence

Left the victims with little or no recompense

You veiled your indiscretions with high and mighty piety

Tell me one thing Georgie boy when you go to meet your Deity

Will he praise you for your service and grant you silver wings?

Will he offer up forgiveness or judge you for your sins?

My moneys on the safe bet, I hope you’re not too shocked

When you walk up to the pearly gates and find that they are locked

Georgie Pell, from grace he fell

I hope to god he burns in hell


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George Pell

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John McDonough

Wed 27th Feb 2019 13:25

Anya My Polish friends call me Jacziek ... I think?

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Wed 27th Feb 2019 12:34

I think we have to admit that the wholesale grip spiritual or material that the Church has relied on for centuries is slipping away for all the reasons you mention John; apart from which there are other more subtle forces in the human psyche that will dissolve that hold. Only my belief. In fact all the recognized strangleholds of rigid expectation are on the block. There is no rite of passage for any of the religions - none of them work together really to find common ground. Fast forwarding would reveal the gradual dissolution of such ludicrous demands. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, especially for those robed poseurs.

Well presented and utterly compelling John.

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John McDonough

Wed 27th Feb 2019 12:20

dzien dobry Anya

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John McDonough

Wed 27th Feb 2019 11:25

Hi Anya
I don’t have a problem with faith. I do have a problem with fraudulent practitioners who abuse their positions of power and trust. George Pell drafted the Melbourne Response Protocol in response to accusations of sexual abuse by the clergy. It was a legalistic protocol that capped victim compensation at $50,000 and absolved the church of any accountability. The Ellis defence came about after an altar boy who was raped as a child by a priest sought compensation. His tormentor had passed away which meant he could seek no recompense from the Catholic Church, not one brass razoo. Fast forward and Cardinal George Pell is convicted of sexually assaulting minors! The complicity, the connivance, the betrayal. This poem is not about faith xx god bless

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John McDonough

Wed 27th Feb 2019 11:07

Agree Wolfgar one of the lines is a bit of a gob full but I can normally make the spoken word work by changing the rhythm I’m going to edit the wordy line

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Brian Maryon

Wed 27th Feb 2019 08:21

I think George probably knows in his heart that there is no-one up there to judge him.

<Deleted User> (19913)

Wed 27th Feb 2019 08:20

Justice spoke and you just gave it a voice. I felt like cheering when I read it! For all those who suffered at the hands of pigs like these, it's a landmark day. Sheer brilliance. Onya' John.

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keith jeffries

Wed 27th Feb 2019 08:00


A forthright poem which needs to be aired for all to hear. A time has been reached where the abuses of past and present are being exposed and dealt with. It is to the Church´s utter shame that they contrived to cover up such abuse. The time of reckoning has come and may God reek vengance on the bastards responsible for this. An excellent poem John and thank you for it.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 27th Feb 2019 07:43

Jason is right BRILLIANT

Line after line packed with disguting truth

"you raped them George, drop the pretence"

"pray tell me how? did the Church allow
The likes of you to sit at it's prow"

YES! YES! YES! John you have excelled yourself - you have expressed the shear disgust this man deserves.

I wonder how many others knew about this before it was brought to public knowledge. Was he really alone?

Thank you John

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Don Matthews

Wed 27th Feb 2019 07:23

Beware your sins will find you out
No man is above the law
You thought you could lie, connive your way out
A jail term's reaching out with it's claw

They'll strip you of all you're gold-glory robes
Replace them with a jump suit
Put you in isolation cell marked with X
What more can I say but - you beaut

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 27th Feb 2019 06:53

That mate, is brilliant!

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