I've always been of the mind

That says "take as you as you find",

Believing in one-to-one reactions

That help in easing warring factions

And ask how can it make much sense

If folk are so ready to take offence

At every perceived remark or slight

To anyone they think aren't right.

People found most everywhere

Share the trait to point and stare.

At those they see as not like them

Such things are common and hard to stem.

Whatever your origin and your creed

There will be those who feel the need

To speak and act in certain ways

That give offence  - with richochets

Returning fire with heat and curse

That only tend to make things worse.

No one says that life is fair

Just gird your loins and get out  there

To make the best of what it lends

And face the fact that LIFE offends

In the challenges it represents

Across existence and events.

So - take as you find and get a life

Discard the bullet and the knife.....

The excuses and the reasons why

You behave the way you do and cry

"Prejudice" and other stuff well-tried

That see you fail because of pride

The need to meet and pass the test.

That separates words like "worst" and "best".






Fri 8th Feb 2019 13:23

A poem with a message of hope and tolerance

Opposites attract, and like attracts like.

We can all be oxymoron's


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John Coopey

Thu 7th Feb 2019 11:35

'Taking offence' has always struck me as one of the most pointless sentiments, MC. I respect the tolerance you have of our differences. Keep posting.

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