Can't we just talk?

Wakeful and waiting

Feeling of dread


It’s not in my head

Fearing and hating keep alternating.

There is a monster under my bed.


First, I deny it

This cannot be

Next, I decry it

Surely, not me

Then I defy it, get angry whereby it

Shifts and I cower, tremble and plead


This situation

Is breaking my mind

No explanation

No hope there to find

But..inspiration, communication

Reaching for paper I dash off a rhyme


My rhyme is reflected

“We must not write.

I am unprotected

Night after night

In darkness, dejected, assault is expected

Fearing the creature that lives in the light.”


Grasping the warning

The poem is read

Aching and yawning

Daylight has spread

Birdsong and morning

A terrible dawning.

I am the monster over my bed.

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Tue 12th Feb 2019 14:07

Jo Great piece of writing.

I love the title

The darkness shines here.


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