If I suggested you jog down a motorway

A finger you would wag;

Yet you're ready to shorten life's own highway

Dying for a fag!

If I suggested you dip your hand

In a jar full of dangerous bugs

You'd get the needle - and I'd understand,

So why do it with dangerous drugs?

If I suggested daily you fill the sink

With the sort of booze that rots your guts

And drain it - wouldn't you actually think

I was nuts - no ifs or buts?!

It would be nice to think that simple sense

Would to our rescue ride,

But common sense just seems past tense

When it comes to suicide!



















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Don Matthews

Mon 18th Feb 2019 08:51

Common sense seems foreign.
To many folk today
They jump in feet first, what the heck
What the heck they say

I'm gonna have a good time
Just couldn't care a less
You say I'm suicidal?
My life is in a mess?

Well stuff it gonna 'joy myself
No matter what you say
Hello? Who's that that's fallen dead?
What more, what can I say ?

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Brian Maryon

Sun 17th Feb 2019 15:46

It's nearly 40 years since I packed up smoking. In real terms, at say a pack per day at £9, I have saved myself £100,000, as well as perhaps my life, or at least my health.

Well said Mark.

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