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Please forgive Me Myself and My BPD


When you try your hardest you really do 

But your switches get the better of you 

It's not my fault I try and say but it still doesn't stop me pushing people away 

My actions speak louder than words but my actions aren't created by myself 

There all chemical imbalances that cause my mental health 

I say I'm sorry each time I mess up but there's only so many times people will hear it 

Before they give up 

I don't have a chance to think before I speak and act 

As the personality alters jump in first 

And that's a fact 

But it hurts me as well seeing the damage I've done to anyone strangers, friends and to the people I love I hurt them so much with the things that I do 

But it's not me that's doing them honest it's true 

I don't like the way I treat you all so bad 

When I take things the wrong way then suddenly I go mad 

Really i am sorry and it does make me sad I try my best to pick up the pieces I broke 

But then another thing happens and it's shatters 


But please try not to hate me 

I don't like being insaine 

I try to make things right again 

To prove who I am 

But it's harder than it looks sometimes 

But il always do what I can 

I'm sorry for the way I go about my ups and downs and I wish I never had to look up and see so many frowns 

U can't keep up with what goes on in my brain 

All I know is all that's up there only causes myself and others pain

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