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Big Sal on Metal Boy (Fri, 7 Sep 2018 09:15 pm)

Alexa Paola on Metal Boy (Thu, 14 Dec 2017 07:35 am)


Wonder how many times
I climed the fence
To another day of mine in hell
I guess it's fine when you are blind
Inhale, it's okay.

Wonder how many times
I lost myself
Under deep unconsciousness
Of lonely self.

Just to fit in with them
Not being you is death
Empty inside
Fool around
Fade away
I'm awake.

Trying hard to be like them
Wasting who I am
What a wonderful day
To feel l...

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Mi amor, sombrío y azul, como el infinito,
Si lo hubieras conocido, lo hubieras amado tanto como yo. 
Mi vida da vueltas a su alrededor,
lo cubro con mis brazos, lo aparto de ellos. 
No importa nada, si no es sobre él,
mis ojos solo ven a aquel niño de azul.

Tengo miedo, de abrir los ojos y jamás escucharte, de caminar lento al lado tuyo y perderte al marcharte. 

Di mi nombre y abre tus...

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Weird Suffering

And because every poem makes me remember of them, this one reminds me of you.
And if a thousand times you ignore me,
a thousand times closer I'll be.

Even though you didn't see me, I was always there in front of you, inside your eyes, reflecting my soul through your retina, waiting for them to look around.

You play deaf, you play bored, you play with your own dog, it really seems you are a...

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Every entity seems more beautiful




Every entity seems more beautiful 



I hate being wrong, I hate loving you so much I can’t have you.

I’m running out of ideas thinking how can I get to your heart, how can I make you proud, how can I return the happiness to your life. You make me cry, all your reasons make me cry and you are weak. 


I feel we belong together, I can smell it, I want to feel my fi...

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love poemssadness

Metal Boy

You just belong to me,

You are the best human being I have ever seen, you make me happy, you are a miracle in my life. 


My love for you is astronomical, I’m very high up in the clouds when I see you smile, you make me fly. 


I wish I could say I really know you, but I don’t. I feel like I’ve seen you before, not only in my dreams, in my heart, inside my mind. 


I want to l...

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