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Less Than a Second

Less than a second

is the time it takes to fall in love.

             That summer night

             you walked out of the bright house

             on to the dark deck

             ready for the next day's wedding,

             already celebrating every damn thing

             anyone could think of,

             laughter floating out of your pores

             like fireflies.

             I can still hear the booming

             voice in my head

             Oh my God she never told me, 

             and I walked out onto the lawn,

             looking back,

             the only fireflies were all around you,

             and the laughter called

             me back to the circle

             I never left again.

Less than a second

             is all it takes

             for the truth to be known,

             for the sadness to cover me

             as I admit you will never laugh

             with all your heart again,

             for me to see you sitting there gone,

             for me to remember

             who you really are.

- Peg Edera



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