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Generation 1927

 Dedicated to the enduring memory of:

Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca,

1896 - 1936, gypsy, homosexual, poet, anti-fascist

murdered by fascist militia in Granada, Al-Andalus.  


Lorca’s blood wedding

full of vaginas bleeding

into the lemon-tree- soil of suffering spain

reminds me of nothing more than the toil, toil, toil

of life in Al-Andalus.


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True Friends

True friends laugh
when you laugh
Cry when you hurt
Know your favourite colour
The cut of your skirt (or shirt)
They feel when your down
And know when it’s real
See all the signs when
you’ve had a rough deal
When you’re far apart
Their best wishes they send
You know it’s genuine ‘cos
It’s from a really true friend

The Urban Poet 2019


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I'm sorry

entry picture

The value of forgiveness
is not forgotten.
nor does it wash away all hurt
from the memory within.

It is released from the vice
of resentment
but still it echoes with
the resonence of regret.

words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Keep our N.H.S. alive !

Doctors are being driven to despair,

As a crisis unfolds in health care.

The system is creaking at the seams,

Disillusioned doctors leaving early to pursue retirement dreams.


Surgeries closing at the rate of two a week,

440 G.P.s lost last year as their pressures peak.

As our growing and ageing population does soar,

If the G.P. service fails,the N.H.S. could be no more.


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Also by hugh:

A lucky escape on the X43 bus from Manchester to Burnley on the motorway near Bury |


entry picture

No matter where I tread

Or how high I lift my feet

Stinking piles block the way

Some are very deep.

I don't bother stepping over

No left, right, in-between

There'll be a new one in it's place

So hard to keep things clean.

Shoveling all day and night

Trying to make it through

These landmines of emotions

Left behind by you.

The plot I tilled and furrowed

I plan...

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Uncle Fred, recently dead

came back suddenly to life

at number 32 Tavistock Crescent

and made a mockery of the present

while trams went by with a metal sigh,


and our hands were joined as we held our breath.

The tiny voice began to issue

from somewhere near the aspidistra

while Mrs Mulvaney in a velvet dress

appeared to be in some distress,

and the trams went by w...

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Also by ray pool:







Bondi Bruce here

just been listening

to those Holy Mollies

Outside of Bruces beech

bar. Giving it plenty of oomph

they were, a hymn here or a

prayer over there, and the chants.

Even made me feel guilty just for

taking the good sea air in me lungs.

Streuth, they gave me some dodgy

glances when I started pulling out the

tabs on me tinnies. ...

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I'm an emergency exit that 
You can never truly go out with
So tell me what is so great about him
Is it that he's a bad boy and you're addicted
I wanted to get lost in your eyes spend the day with you

Then I realized I'm nothing but a heartache
That will drown in his own misery
Find someone that I could call a friend
Damn it I just wanted to get lost in your eyes

Admit it I'm too swee...

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the bird who lost both wings

The bird who lost both wings 

There was a bird once from the blacklands
Of Khem.   that ibis metropolis  where one 
morning as the sun set sail
a bird made of  metal
rose from ashes of a light
 no one saw 
I and wonder swarmed the city
Like a single massive locust

Some thought it a gift from Thoth, winged
Others believed it was Seth himself
A trick of blood and meat like
The thirte...

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just some of big mommas family and me

I always had trouble conversing with mother nature

but no wonder! it was always me going on and on

about my materialistic loving self without realising why she

has no need to speak, because, she does so in the way;


a gentle breeze whispers in my ear about its passing by.

Incoming waves, arching in sunlight repeat their collapsing's onshore

having delivered then retrieved the...

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Leon Redbone


We don't know

who you are man

but man can you

play guitar

with fine finesse

and black mustache

a showman's

what you are

that snazzy hat

part of your act

the mystery of

black shades

we tap our feet

to your blues beat

hope the music

never fades

the usual

ain't what you do

it's all part of

an act


out of the blue

a fla...

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Second hand shop visiting

Bronze African Zulu 

Large Nymph carved out of

what must have been a very big wood block.

Victorian Jewellery riddled with life stories

all displayed on a gargantuan farmhouse cleared Table

and your reflection and my reflection

in a circular ornate edged mirror

with the backdrop of a modern world behind us both

turning its technological nose up

at the archaic articles


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Let us drive

entry picture

Let us drive

Friday, May 31, 2019

7:35 AM


I stay clear

Will you be my friend dear?

Will you hold my hand today?

And remain friend forever


Should I take you?

And make feel through

The ocean of love

And sincerely believe


Mingle with me

And not struggle

give your hand and voice

I shall really promise


You can never go wrong

I dedicate...

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In the chaos of the time

When fruitless words have fallen

to aria of wind 

When the end dictates 

the beginning of a virgin earth

wiped anew with destruction 

In the residue of life

Where will the memories lie

of the child, of the youth 

and the wise old man


In the hand of death in the eyes that see

In the eyes of you and in the eyes of me

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The twists and turns of life bring confusion

                                                  to the soul

A perpetual quest for gratification is a

                                    ruinous odssey

Chasing after ideologies and false gods

                                a futile undertaking

National and political conflicts come


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why is it that

everyone says how

things will get better?

And at first you won't believe them.


but then as soon as

you get your hopes up

it all goes down.

And you cry, because you believed them.


again here comes the hole

that eats you whole

And then you say you won't believe anymore.


you are me.

and i am you.

we are both


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Also by Marina G:

Alien |

free verseliesPersonal

the night



and alone

i gaze into the darkness

of approaching




specks of light

begin to glimmer



i start to feel

their distant call



for a while

i sit

and stare

and wonder


all at once

a pain cuts through my head

i languish

cry an air of loneliness


why am i apart

why am i still here

why am ...

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Signs: following her recovery

Bad times have been sent packing

not by the husband

by a certain unseen someone

always close at hand.


With what excitement and joyous sounds

the migratory birds return

having unburdened themselves of a long flight


He pours the tea

they both make themselves comfortable

by the fire that says 'everything is okay now'


and in the morning they will step outsi...

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flickering words
at night
like firefly's
just beyond
my grasp
would create
if i could
grab it
as liquid
through a sieve
to hide
in the corners
of my mind
inside me
a Pulitzer
an exceptional
a brilliant
of poems
and rhymes

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Beware of Alsations

With corks bobbing in our faces

and shorts flapping round our knees

we look like mental cases

or those with special needs


We've had a bonzer invite

to attend an Australian night

but we won't drink the amber nectar

cos it tastes like Australian shite

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entry picture

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As I walked

through the garden dew

'tween clipped box and shapely yew,

'tween hard hornbeam and

'tween friends

a perfect peace descends


As I walked

from the round green room

past dusky shade and roses' bloom,

past shapely hedge and

past huge urns

the garden quiet returns


As I walked

in the lakeside glory

to the enchanted terrace torri,

to the ...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Sub Rosa |


What is life?

Life is  a fabrication of palatable lies.

Swimming through consciousness,

Shoaling like fish, open mouthed,

We take in all that we can swallow.

Hallucinating a fragile reality

Clinging to shreds

Pulling at threads

Holding our heads

We long for dignity.

Pulled to the earth

From a home in the sky

Spinning between birth and death

Eyes tightly closed

We swallow l...

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Brotherly shove

You choked the life out of me when I was a young  child

Upset me for a life time as you screamed your heavy burden

You boxed me like a punch bag, beat me with a peace pipe

bullied my confidences to the brink of  its creativity 

But you only hurt yourself 





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A desperate being searching all about
For the little flaunting words 
Coming from a stranger around
Not minding or giving a second thought.

A victim she becomes of being used
But just to comfort her mind and soul
That there is someone who cares
In reality they don't and leave her bruised.

Crying and sobbing she goes from one to another
Just in hopes of finding the right one
Who'll be...

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Love neat

When they were making love

he whispered 'Ti amo da morire!'

and promptly did

causing her great embarrassment and mortification.

She would have preferred his love with tonic, not neat.

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On Being a Poet

Poets are renowned for navel gazing and being introspective. Here are three poems to prove the point. But hey, all navels need an occasional inspecting now and then. :)

The Unpublished Poet

He took a clipboard and a ballpoint pen.

He sat in the sun and then …..

He gazed at the sky, the inexplicable clouds,

Listened to trees sigh, untranslatable tones,

Thought of all that he...

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Mersey Poets Perform Under Gaia

entry picture

Some 'Quality of Mersey' poets after performing their odes to our beautiful Earth/Gaia installation by Luke Jerram at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral last Monday. This event was part of the Mersey River Festival 2019.


Photo from left to right: Ruthie Adamson, Jenny Hesketh, Barry Woods, Lucy Pickavance, Michelle Wright and Ali Harwood.

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GaiaLiverpoolMerseyside poets

Before Life Begins

Come find me in the dark, before life begins

Where I stand tall and unafraid

Where I dwell frustrated yet elated

The darkness where I was born into

The darkness that I was meant for

The darkness where I come from

And where I am to emerge from...

The darkness you're keeping inside...


Come find me in the birthplace of raw ideas

Where we will spend ages shapeless, hove...

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Colour - Blue

I share your sadness

in my time of need,

but bask in your heat

in the azured heaven

of canicular days.

The cold is also tied to you

and I am frozen in your hue.

Mental calm and serenity flow

from your presence,

and we can feel reassured

in the body of your essence.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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Soul Sister

Nothing comes sugar coated
Forget what I want to hear
All facts only
No punishment here

Her insights are a gift
Taking time to think of me
Disregaurding would be hurtful
Both to her and
To me

If I were to go down a dark path
If she were to sit and watch me fade to black
Would be a waste of a beautiful friendship
A heartache that couldn't be taken back

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Also by Brandi:

I loved you | A Letter |

best friendunconditional lovewomen about women

This Is Capitalism

We live in a society of sanitized brutality.

Austerity increasing exponential wealth disparity, despairing for community. 

Who has put a price on life to ration out a tiny slice,

and grip us in their vice, disguised as moral order righteousness? 

Pretenders to the throne, to throw us only scraps and bones. 


The corporations profit all by raised invoice and taxes slashed,

as ...

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anti-capitalistcapitalismconsumerisminequalitySpoken Word poetry

Trauma Department

Trauma Department

The doctors scream at the nurses
The nurses take it out on the patients
Blaming them for their illnesses

At night they join together 
For a performance 
Wherein everyone switches places

And lives with 
The outcomes 
Of the operation

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entry picture

The name she should have taken at birth had been long forgotten except by her mother, and she had been known since as Pen Alahn, Quiet Death.

She had not been expected to live long, cursed as she was by the gods with her limp.  She had not spoken until her third summer, interrupting the Elders at the Feast of Thanks, screaming simply, “They Come”.  The other women giggled and her father had sla...

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Also by John Coopey:


Fred Floppit Tries To Save His Reputation (and a pram)... A Repost


Fred Floppit tries to save his reputation (and a pram)



When the Shrapnel girls got Kalling

They put the world to rights

With philosophy and politics

And talking bloody shite


Around a pram, atop Cesspit hill

They whiled the hours away

With idle gossip, and chit-chat

To pass the time of day


Thora Shrapnel was holding court

With her sister, and h...

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Also by kJ Walker:

A Body In The Don |

My Two penn'orth


Today, let our pursuits be anything
but trivial.
Poetry can twist and shout, cajole and flay;
not ours.

This time let it be the small-minded
spirit of self-interest
that is homeless. Should it not be 
the most generous genius
settled at the heart of our craft?

The hour has come
the soul has waited long enough.
We breathe the air 
of Buddha, of Socrates:
Acting accordingly our...

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My favourite things: one more time with real emotion

Caring crusaders and daring debaters

Emmeline, Greta, Ruth

Your voices sound loud with the bold toll of truth.

Uncowed and defiant. You refused to give in.

Life-changing campaigning is a wonderful thing.


Marathon runners: hard-trained and focused 

With miles in your strides

And pain hardly noticed.

Everyday heroes with strength in your limbs

Your drive and passion a...

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Also by Josie:

For the love of language |


Love of Religion

Love, the source of your existence,

seeded in the heart of humanity, from

distance to distance, it's persistent,

it has no condition, only that you'd listen

to the feelings of aww

that begs you to embrace the religion of love

as your decision.

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Also by DeVaughn:

Embrace The Mystery |

A Letter Of Resignation

Dear future generations, it is with the deepest regret that we write this letter,

Concerning all the tomorrows we borrowed, and should have served you so much better,

And while we'd debate whether it was too late to save all from being lost,

To contemplate a change so great, at the time, seemed too high a cost.


We realise now we cannot disavow our reticence or reservation,

And ...

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The moon

"you" are the distant moon
Bright and shiny
yet, so far...away

and I'm the tide,
your smallest change
cause turmoil in me

What I forgot, is that,
the moon is destined
to love the pretty stars
not the distant earth
which is so close, yet,
so far...

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Also by Miyurangi:

Courage | The little tea plucker | The wait |

lifesorrowunrequited love

What next?

Here I go, take a step onto the stage called life.

Finally awake for the first time. Fully present here and now. What a gift.

Hold onto your handlebars. 

I take this breath like dope.

Into my blood, down into the depths of my being.

Where being is seeing.

Like a probe searching for answers.

My feet carry my swiftly as I walk.

Rooted firmly in the earth, I am strong.


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Also by Zia:

Round and round |


Cuckoo Festival 2019: Children's Poetry Performance

entry picture

What a superb poetry performance at Cuckoo Festival this year.

Children from Lily Lane Primary School in Manchester and Marsden Junior School performed their poems on the theme of Migration: ‘Birds Have No Borders’, led by the sensational poet Louise Fazackerly. There was also a cuckoo trap competition; the entries and poems are currently on display in Marsden Library.

One of the Cuckoo Fest...

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An inevitable eventuality

Sorrow, in the heaviest form

had me counting memories

we had both shared Granddad

testing my capability to hold back tears

and stop my heart from breaking into pieces

hearing about you passing away in a retirement home


picturing your final scene,

the earth rising above you

as you slowly, slowly descended

submerging into the darkness

on your way to the light.

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Three is a crowd |

Where Did It Go


the sensation of feeling alive, 

like happy and living,

have been slowly leaving my soul.


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Spirited Upon Your Wings

Spirited upon your wings,

reveries bring boundless things;

with a pinch the sprightly fairy

blithely lures me while unwary,

guiding me with tuneful flute

round your orchards hung with fruit.


Vintages from caverns cool

brim in crystal goblets full -

sooth the spirit's civil strife,

nature's binding blood of life:

sun-soaked clusters bring the south -

rich with ...

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Also by Christopher Laverty:

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spirited upon your wings poem by chris laverty


Eighty years she lived;

through two world wars,

and the ‘Troubles’.

There wasn’t even standing room

in the church;

the overspill crowded outside the door.


Mother of six children,

and all their friends and in-laws.

My Granny,

and grandmother to all my cousins

and their friends,

and their friends’ friends.


A hub for transfer of all the news

when phone...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Laurence Olivier | Spellbound |


We’ve argued whether to leave or remain,

opinion reigning where fact is scarce or false,

creating division between fellow peoples.


Our society is complex; divided, too –

we have purposefully created an out and in,

with no real reason to pit one against other.


We’re people sharing a planet – that’s the point;

plastic is synthetic; politics is as well –

unlike plast...

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Also by Rich:

Cotton | Sparks |

Old Time Religion

old time religion


my Nottingham church

of the Pentecostal persuasion

decreed a season of prayer and fasting

for a miracle healing

to restore the paralysed legs

of one of the elders.


I forwent my tea-break Wagon Wheel

slotted ‘sort out dodgy legs’

into my ‘exclusive’ prayer list

between an Irish Sweepstakes winning ticket,

and a parking space near the entr...

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Also by Rick:

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Musically mine

The violin cries tears 

And sings of heartbreak songs 

Recounting the happy through its legatos 

The sad through its staccato 

The heartbreak through its ricochet 

and the final goodbye through its detaché.

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The Fallen Chain

The Chain it has fallen

Gone broke, and gone bust

Thousands lose jobs

Thousands bite dust


But still must pay bills

With no more income

Chain-maker's in mansion

No problem, ho hum


Millions, no problem

Stored in the bank

Splash round same lifestyle

Drink sauvignon blanc


A case of one biting

Off more than can chew

A la Roman Empire

This Chai...

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poetry critic

Critical of a poem


I have never expressed a critic of a poem because I don’t know

What the poet was thinking of when he/she wrote it.

No one, to my knowledge, sets out to write a bad poem.

Therefore a poem written and published is a good one

even if the penmanship might be a bit shaky.

I do not care so much about spelling I can correct it

in my head, the only thing that a...

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Conflict of Interest

entry picture

Grievances endured at the barrels of my heart,

Eroded the barriers masking the forbidden thoughts:

I dreamt of longevity, the feeling of being secure,

It was a plan, and plans inevitably become obscured,

My dream of this future became a catalyst to my motivation,

You were well aware, as it was always kept transparent,

But you harbored your guilt and let me use my motivation to su...

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God Father

Shall it be spent,

This way to Sundays,

An after image of the night?


Over the days,

In throughout the measurable decay,

And fathered be the day gone by.


Gathering in circles,

We walk amongst the shore,

Places to behold in anguish and sacrificial obstinance.


Brotherly in nature,

And hollow be thy name,

The greatest forgotten,

And we are all the sam...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Friday | Fuck Narcissists | Afternoon Delight |



After we met, when we both

watched out for the other

(you were as sharp as a needle),

when we quietly moved on to “going out”,

I was drawn, most of all, by your

darting, quizzical eyes (swift as arrows)

and that slight furrow lying low in your

forehead (you said this was unremarkable,

I said maybe you should chill a little).

And now and then y...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Good for You

entry picture

Good for you,
    found your flow.
Good for you,
    got that healthy glow.
Good for you,
    navigating storms like a willow.
Good for you,
    used your pain as fuel to grow.
Good for you,
    no more living on tiptoe.
Good for you,
    no longer afraid of the scarecrow.
Good for you,
    escaped the tornado.
Good for you,
    found your rainbow.
Good for you,
    taking time to...

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Also by Vautaw:

Father | Daughter | Mother | Moral Abyss | Twisted Love |

average joedarkness to lightenlightenedfaithindigo childinspiring poemlightloverelationshipsstormsstrengthsuccessvangogh


They met ,silhouettes of caressing minds.. 
Fascinating rendezvous, one of its kinds 
Seldom strikes those Northern lights. 
Pure ecstatic emotion ignites.. 
No present,no past or future claimed.. 
Relation, enigmatic and unnamed.. 
Meeting, crossing those reality bridges.. 
Embracing, holding hands in admission.
in another parallel life and existence
Walking towards a spectacular horizon...

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Also by mona s:

Without you | Horror | Alliterative Haiku | Life goes on... | Center of Universe | Sleep | A Limerick | Locked | Encounter -A Haiku | Dear Tagore | Creature | Anxious |

Jesus Wants You!


Jesus Wants You! 


He forced the door and entered, stepping over shards of glass, 

to effortlessly melt into the chamber’s darkened mass. 

And, as his torchlight searched for ‘victim-drawers’ to rifle through, 

out of darkness, rasped a voice; “Jesus is watching you.” 


He froze - was someone in the room inviting conversation? 

Or maybe he was hearing things (or his ...

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Also by John Andrew Nield:

'Man-Size' Issues ! | A 'Fitting' Tale. | Chess Pains ! | Surprise Party! | Down, the 'Chippy'. | A Fond Farewell ! | 'Caravan Man' | 'Hairstray'! |

Humorous PoetryHumorous VerseHumour


I blinked at the sight of her goodbye tears

As she turned her back on the watching eyes

And I readily recalled the dismissive sneers

Employed for another audience during her rise;

A great public service that questioned austerity

Fearful of the cost to what had to be done

Disdainfully dismissed with arrogant asperity;

No tears then...when she thought she had won;

But kept in...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


A Few Lines Conceived In Poor Mimickry (A Mere Matter Of Minutes After Concluding A Biography Concerning That Conceited, If Colourful Cove, Coleridge)

I, too have watched a myriad words die,

all for want of you, fearless audience -

your special someone with that kindly eye

and ear who could best, sans wilful offence


urge me to test myself, by composing

a thousand lines and honing them to one.

Your wisdom, without combative ego's

ingrown need to sound 'clever' (not far gone


in self-esteem, I mean) might serve adv...

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Also by Richie Muster:

My Mea Culpa To The Future | A Life (1897-1980) | Raison D'Etre | SONNET: MY MATE MARK RIP (1956 – 92)  |


The Gambit

I Told Myself But Never Admitted To
What I Knew…..
And Yet There’s Still That Part Of Me
Waiting To Get Back Home, Back To My Room
And Say,
That Trip Took A Really Long Time,
Now….What Was I Doing?
How You Managed To Keep Us All Together
Without Figuring Me Out?
A Card Up His Sleeve, The Gambit Was Mine.
But I Can’t Seem To Turn It Off.
And I Can’t Explain The DejaVu.

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Also by The Black Bile:

Raven Girl | Bible Belt | The Taking Of Katie | To Travel Time | A Reflection Within A Reflection | Focus | Nocturnal | Matter | Dirt | Kill Me Now | 1993 | Char | To Fall Awake | Nazi | Rue | Grey Date | Grimacing | In My Room | The Window's Down | April | Gauntlet | Epileptic | Dragon Graveyard | flower | Pink | From the Edges | Wednesday | In The Shoe | Under the Ladder | Method | Smutt | Reality | Darker Side of Reason | 1960 | Diablo | Killer | Latter | Crows | Grimwood | Apathetic Empathy | White | Time Another | Yellow | Red | Moon | Curse of the Fuzzy Dice | Witches and Wizards | Manning | Blue | Thanksgiving | Werewolf | Pack Up and Leave | Black | The Sparrow | 333 | The Wizard | Cyclops | Chlorine | Tribe | Blew Away | Old Soul | One Day Jester | In The Sand | Prom | Flat Water | In Threes | Rosemary | Lake Insomnia | Parking Lot | Old | Another | Ferris Wheel | Fur | Plastic Devils | Death, Like Wax | Brutal Fable | Some Glow | Candle Maker | X | Eternal Bruise | Town of Grey | Scavengers | Pretty Girls and Serial Killers | Eyeliner | Withdrawn | Macabre Theater | Hidden | Blasphemy | The Pearl | A Week From 21 | Dorment | Albino | Peaceful Death | Crow Fossils | Fragile Wizard |

But you don'tCannibal Jones

Development Plan

entry picture

When my line manager

asks me about my development plan

and where I see myself

in one, three or five years time


I begin to think how in a year

I would like to be painting watercolours

beside a mountain stream

somewhere in the Bavarian Alps


in three years eating cantaloupe

and drinking black coffee

on an early morning

in a European city I don't yet kn...

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Also by Tom Harding:

This Morning | Monday |

Her Name Is E...

A day without E is better off Breathless,

May my soul escape if my stream is empty.


Seek and find the girl named E,

packed with love she doesn't discriminate,

Her race is spectrum body tailored to your preference.


Undergo E she'll turn the toughest man empathetic.

Open your eyes wide as the sky,

Her love brings out a high unreal,

to experience one must be willing ...

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Also by Logan Turner:

Addiction Spell |

addictaddictiondeepDrugslovepassionpassionatepoemreal lifereflections

sexual apocalypse at the gym poem

imagine if you had stayed there forever 

on the cross fit, arms flailing comically 

legs metronomic, pumping sad alone 

nothing in your stomach but powdery bile 

sweat pouring off you, drenching the floor 

pooling in dewy puddles on the pedals 

staining the blue carpet tiles, trickling  

in salty ravines, hitting the mirrors 

cascading down the steps, bursting forth 


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Also by Stuart Buck:

matches | cosmic fuck poem | click/clack |

Dancing Shadows

entry picture

    Right there in front of our eyelids. Beating sylhouettes, shaking waves, swallowing the last crystals from the ground. Transcending the sounds with a great rage and leaving the pace behind while calling it unsuccessfully back again. At the place where paleness combines with moonlight in the most disasterous ways, protecting their last luminescence alive.
    Shadows dancing through shadows of...

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

Raining In The South | Scarlet | Good Morning Dear You |

creative writinglife writinglove poetrywritingwriting walk

The Dinosaur Who Came to Play

You think I’d be impressed because a tiger came to tea?
I’ll have you know, a stegosaurus came to visit me.
He rang the doorbell yesterday, at twenty five past four.
I couldn’t let him in - he wouldn’t fit through our front door.
I put my shoes and coat on and we went to play outside.
He wasn’t bad at seek, but he was terrible at hide.
He played quite well in goal, although he couldn’t kick ...

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One year, in Bermuda, I was supply teaching

An Infants' Class, four and five-year-olds

Bright, eager, trusting children.

Christmas was just two weeks away.

We were having an 'Art Activity'

Tearing, cutting, biting paper to bits

To make a personal collage of 'Christmas'

On the general idea:

'How does Christmas make you FEEL - in COLOUR!'

It was a bold undertaking, and t...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Bossy Boots! | STICKS | Playing On The River Promenade |

Green Shadows

entry picture

The bucket of water distorts
the image of the sky when kicked
a mirror stretching into infinite ovals.

In this I am a golden leaf
and the light stretches through me
a ragged parchment in candle-light.

Where the green shadows
intersect with the love we live
I can see a buried garden-

a lazy, hothouse dream
of terracotta and porcelain
and thieves in the night

that went to sleep u...

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Comedy Hitler

entry picture


Comedy Hitler?
Freddie Starr? Charlie Chaplin?
No - Nigel Farage

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High) [MUSIC VERSION] |

brexitfreddie starrhaikuhitlernigel faragesatire

Against Apathy (2019 version)

This poem was conceived in 2013 as a response to none voters. For years I did not vote but was vocal on the state of the country. certain parts to reflect the current change in Britain has been rewritten to give the piece more of a serious message. thanks for reading and do your bit today.

Nevermind the ballots!
is what the none-voters like to say
but quite frankly I'm sick of Brexit, Farage ...

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punk poetryvoting apathyvoting day

Painted window frames

Hiding the scars from plain site

It's not a memory-

But a story you tell...

Walls build mansions

with concrete and mortar

Glued together thoughts 



Melted with gold

Stirred in a pot

Over flames

Eyes rolled backwards

Cat walks down the street

Straight lines

Curved answers

Draw pictures on the glass

shattered from pressure


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The Only Band That Mattered! - a tribute to the Clash

entry picture

The Only Band That Mattered!

This is a public service announcement
Without guitars! - But how they still ring in my ears
The first time I saw the Clash
a memory frozen in time, after all these years
with Mikey Dread on the 16 Tons Tour
the lights went down
cue Ernie Tennessee Ford
we charged over the seats
I've no idea how many rows
then the lights come up
to Safe European Home!
The ...

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Also by Jeffarama!:

It's OK, NOT to be OK... |

Black And White

entry picture


I clamor on the street 
Watch it wave like trees
I knew I wasn't free
Life is becoming a bee

I walk far from homeland 
Became a pathfinder 
The leaves round me are brown
Need walk to green land 

Home became a security lane 
Walk miles to sustain 
They watches like I'm insane 
With guards that constrain 

Land fully rich with milk and honey 
My Thoughts yawn to sow
My feelin...

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

Mad House |

Dating a Friend

There was darkness and then there was you

Though to be sure the light never moved

A warm hearth at the end of a blizzard

A hole in my heart I’d patch over haphazard

Drove me to find you in my soul

Until I filled that gaping hole

With your infinite love and hope

You gave me just enough rope

To pull myself out of abyss

With your own version of selflessness


You wait...

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Also by Josie Harris:

New Boyfriend | "I Know What Comfort Is" | Generations | Hurts The Same Way |

Sulphur Flame 2

What did she wear that night, what was her name?

He retraces his steps to that place

The place where she waited – for him

He can still feel the cool iron rails slipping through his fingers

The warm summer night’s air on the back of his hand

He remembers being calm, very calm

But for a sense of tension rising, from inside

He stopped, almost at the top of the steps

She stood,...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Cultus Decorum | Divide and conquer | Sulphur Flame | On her mother's step |

Un soneto para tí

El radiante sol que alumbra mi día

Tú con tus ojos de dulce oscuridad

Con una alma de dulce sensualidad

Y calentaste mi persona fría


Y con una suavidad me caía

Y me paso por pura casualidad

Tú con tu gentil caballerosidad

No sabía el veneno que bebía


Deseo de aún roto corazón

Más veneno por esta alma corrupta

Salvavida para mi mente oscura


Futuro dol...

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Pall Mall Red Pixie 


May 68 bottles break down these walls


‘98 skating


Small but fragile doobie - the roach that burns my fingertips.


Uncomfortable positions but staying for the pleasure of conversations. Conversations that subtracts the 20 “CLASS A CIGARETTES” in one pack.


City slicker delves into a unfamiliar environment to leave the conscience, as a mecha...

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Also by .gray:

Blue’s big pajama party (1999) |



in all their blind-driven, driven blind caresses

And plaster-stuck, never-empty chests of neverminds

Sleep, never again, each night of their mother life.



as a May blackbird, hopping half-starved and careless

to gain a moment singing a whisper to the moon,

fall into a womb convoluted drowse



down and fending off the black years

of sh...

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I lather my self in sticky strawberries knowing it is the scent of my sweat they crave.

But being a good girl suites me and who am I to ruin their painting,

They so delicately stroked.

You blend my skin into my bones,

Washing me in oils of peach and rose.

Drowning in the aura of everyone,

You let the wind dry me.

But rain begins to fall,

Collecting the image you thought was...

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Also by Madalyne:

Trying |

You & Me


You & Me



Together we may see the Devil Dance

& together we may see God cry in vain

How Our typical eyes

So often only notice the typical guise



Like so many on this sphere I know

You’re undervalued

Lost like a sailor in the vast ocean blue

Come along with me

Let me make you feel new



I’ll caress every ...

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His grandmother made us drink

before work began.

Sour wine and cough mixture

by the taste of things:

a poisonous warmth expanding

like a pack of nails inside.

It was seven o'clock

and cold fields had not woken

from their early dew.

The cat's called Socrates, she said,

because he ate the hemlock

in the garden, over there

past our broken tractor,


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Also by john short:


Feckless youth

Oh, dissolute and feckless youth

When wiliest thou surrender to all that is given

Wiliest thou not seize with both hands

All that is offered and granted freely to thee

The boundless pounding rhythm that rises in thy chest

Does thou not recognise all that lays

In rich and fertile soil

Beneath the crust of barely hidden dust


Wilt thou not lift thy face and greet the sun


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Also by Martin Elder:

Another visit |

Future's Past

Past has always chased Future's Present;

for Past envies its favored presence.


Mockery laced with lust

as injections plump busts.


Yet, Children of the Sun

will remain to be shunned.


Hot remains split like us

till we reach Exodus!


Hollowed we lie down deep;

your ass best wake from sleep!


Past was shiny, now played out.

Present is dying and s...

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Also by Poetikaly Anointed:

Motherhood, A Poem About Mothers | Human Writes, A Poem About Protecting Human Rights |


The Wasp

She is dead already,

those eyes have murdered her.

They shut her inside jars,

scream their pain, projection.

She needs not to sting humans

but she is overwhelmed.

Searching for open windows,

A chance to kill herself. 

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bullyingfearsuicide awarenesstrapped

A Poem for Jezabiel, Confessions from a Wonderland

entry picture

A poem for Jezabiel

Confessions from a wonderland

Jezabiel, my dearest Jezabiel,
Oh the hell I feel when you are no longer around.
My world spins up side down and the wrong way round and I don't know which way to go.
Breathing is hard and thinking is painful and the memories ache deep inside my soul.
Oh how I wish you would know,
How I wish you would wake up and open your eyes once...

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Void Brooding.

I wish the abyss would stop looking back at me.
I look in the mirror and I swear that's all I see.
Not a monster but a void I cant escape.
I was born with a heart but it seems mishaped.

Someday I swear I'm going to leave this place.
Find my way to the light that people praise.
But for now I think it's better if I hang my head.
Bite my tongue and drink until I just forget.

I don't know how ...

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2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 10 The Journey Home

entry picture

Image: Circuit of the Americas, home of the U.S. Grand Prix, besides which this 3.4-mile racetrack hosts concerts in its Austin 360 Amphitheater. I always wondered where it was. As it turns out it is South of the airport, this is the first time I have seen it.


30.4.19 - 192) Rose to face departure day, sad heart, sky of grey

To reception bound, coffee to bring me round

Hoping today t...

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Also by Trev the Road Poet::

2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 9 McAllen to Austin | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 8 McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 7 Kerrville to McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 6 Lamesa to Kerrville | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 5 Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 4 Austin to Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 3 Austin |

IMOGEN - 10 months old

IMOGEN – 10 months old


I stand with my back to the sink

While your grandmother rummages

In cupboards below. Gazing up,

She meets your expectant face

Seemingly suspended in mid air.

You are bent almost backwards;

Determined to know what world of wonder

Exists on those shelves.

I fear to move, so like a little bird you were,

Nestling into the crook of my neck,


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Also by trevor homer:


boxcar merlot (05/15/2019)

trains crossing blacked out streets 
mournful howls , stark in the slick obsidian
of deadened stories, and hardened hearts
a thousand miles of ire cast in cooling: 
the warmth of bodies wistful for sleep backed 
by a hapless sliver of ivory 
mists roiling up and up like a damp collective sigh
frozen by shock
in time. 

and in time all things lose their pallor 
their color 
desaturated ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

everyone can agree a relationship is a compromise but recently mine hasn't been very equal -- no, in fact it's like my pain is not allowed to exist and every concession must be made to accommodate the other (05/03/2018) |

Though I've never been much for wine


My lungs suffocating,

with the absence of you

Something in my throat,

that goes by afternoon 

In morning,

As I morn for you,

I die peacefully in my mind.

As I drift into the air,

I act like nothing,

I act like you would.


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The folly of lust

entry picture


As a teen, my mam used to put the mockers on my Friday nights out by saying “If you meet any girls treat them with respect, they are someone’s daughter or sister, don’t be having any casual sex or one-night stands”



Last Saturday night I was out with my mate

He is meeting his bird, I am on a blind date

He’d said she was fit, but from where I was sat

She looks like ...

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Also by John McDonough:

Going back on my roots | Mr Robinson |

Lustone night stand

Life And Death

What is this life? 

Is there anyone who questions? 

When I dream, I dream world as real as this.

Who is in me speaking?

Who is in me creating? 

Why am I able to go anywhere I please? 

What is truth? 

Does it lie in me? 

Can I become who I wish to be? 

If I were to become whoever I desire, will this set me free? 

Or does this lead to a trap where nothing can satisfy me...

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Also by Andres Arias:

Mystery |

A Pattern of Substance Misuse in Rural Texas

You were always object lesson,
Never role model, and I only knew
I should never be like you.
Your death was early and tragic,
As expected, your last conscious
Moments spent reaching for the door
Of a home engulfed in flame.

Through tear-filled eyes,
Those who had nothing but
Criticism for you when alive
Expressed their own shock and
Grief with a final tinge of judgment.
“If it had an...

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Also by Randy Horton:

A Belabored Gardening Metaphor | Whistling in the Dark | Meandering Metaphors as Rivers | Climate Catastrophe: Pandemic and Pestilence | Climate Catastrophe: The Reckoning | A Bifurcated Analysis of Overly Indulgent Self-Reference and Metacriticism |

addictiongriefsubstance abusesubstance misuse

Another Poem for Today.

Here’s my poem for you, my today.


You are my sunlight squeezed shut eyelids in the morning.

My mellow, midday sadness like breathing in heaviness.

My shivering fingertips, quivering lips as what used to be my favorite,

falls white and blinding like loudness expressed in cold.


You are my warm days turned to exhaustion,

beating on me like anger and a sickness for home.


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Also by Sarah Mae:

An Absence In Me |

The Mother To All

She’s a bright star, within the unlit night 

Guiding others through, the tough thing, that we call life 

Her strength is beyond admirable to all 

And even if she should ever fall 

She would somehow, pull though 

The things, that to others, it would inevitably un-do 

Her beauty and grace, isn’t just a way to save face 

She's had to fight great wars, every single day 

Even wh...

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Also by Hayley Taylor:

Long distance Love |

battlebeautybest friendcompassionfriendshipgenerocitykindnesslovemental healthmothermother to allpainsaviourselflessselflessnessstrengthstrugglethe one true motherwar


he asked why I was so fascinated in the sun  

I said that through the thunder and rain

around the night

and through the dark patches

the sun always comes back 

like I do for you

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Also by Anonononon:

safe place | assurance | comfort |

My mind is content.

This time I know I will get it right,
Because now more than ever,
My future looks bright,
My mind is content but it hasn't been heaven sent,
Because no God helped me when I was many times in hell,
It took my own heart and soul for me to break out of my shell,
A few people kept me going on my journey to joy,
But more tried to drop me like a child with their dear toy,
My mind is getting stro...

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Also by Pip Thomas:

World's funniest clown |

May 2019 Collage Poem - Looking Up

entry picture


Charles Bukowski turned up late

Daybreak at 80, never too late

Scrolling TV banter blown off the run


This skydiver is higher than a kite

Look up, it’s raining books

Pouring poetry across over step platforms

Stepping on to Platform Zero


Born into this life of looking up too much

The sky is too high, the battle too long.

Lost in the fog of war, always look u...

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Looking UpMay Collage Poem

on the balcony

there you are, behind the glass

so close, so far

and time's too fast, for us

cause it's timeless what we want to be

and how we want to see 

the grains of our love growing into a mystic tree


sitting on my wooden chair

your legs crossed, a face cold as frost,

the gaze turned to the ground

your body bounded in the kettles

that you chose a long time ago

you cannot...

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You say I empower,

Yet you've gone back for something sour.

You said you would never go back,

Yet you've been lured in by the same nick nack. 


You have regret in your eyes,

This I can see,

Why won't you listen to me?


Do not confuse the loneliness.

You heart will be hurt again.

Open your ears to my words, my friend.


Still, you have chosen to keep what yo...

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When life makes you happy

When life makes you sad

You can talk to me

I am here resting 

but I am still in your heart

I will be listening

So if you need to 

You can talk to me

Know that 

My love for you is endless


By Lynn Hahn

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