One Day Jester

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One Day There Won’t Be A Tomorrow.
No Rain To Wash Away The Sorrow.
Always Love Me-Rest Of The Day.
Because, Baby, You Keep Me Holding On
When All My Strength Be Gone.
Never Let No One Take You Away.
Every time I Come To Thee……..
I’m Falling In Love With The Devil
Every Time I Come To Thee.
Too Insecure To  Be For Sure.
Too Insecure, I’m Never Sure.
Why Did We Have To?
Why Did We Have To Take It This Far?
We Never Stop To.
We’d Never-
Stop The Whole World, Please, From Turning.

Pass A Glance And Joke Awhile.
Roll Your Eyes And Fake A Smile.
A Bunch Of Stupid Jesters-
They’re Jumping Up And Down Your Spine.
Crazy Train, I’m On My Way
To Just Forgetting This Masquerade.
I Guess You’re Just The New Species
That Was Supposed To Be Discovered Today.

I’ve Spent My Time In The Shadows
And Told More Than My Share Of Lies.
It’s These Things That I Need To Survive.
It’s These Things That Make Me Selfish.
Every Time I Come To Thee………
Falling In Love With The Devil…………

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