Eternal Bruise

Although I’ve Seen You Years Before,
I Still Have Your Eyes Memorized,
And Although I’ve Lost You Years Before,
I Know Your Eyes Still Mezmerize Like Hell.
Never Old Enough For You.
Never Old Like I Miss You.
Your  Depression Dreamt Me Awake
And How Could You Nevermind?
So Did You Ever Fly That Plane,
Or Did You Sink Under Like An Eternal Bruise?
But I Bet Your Eyes Still Mezmerize Like Hell.
And So I’m Freezing…………
At How I Watched Your Make-Up Run,
Making My Blood Burn,
Just Like Your Words Are Fire.
And If I Told The Truth, You Wouldn’t Hear Truth,
Only Words To Feed Your Fires.
All Words Say I’m A Liar.
And All Your Love Makes Me Dryer,
And Yet, Here I Bleed.
In My Chair Of Old, Here I Freeze.
In This Story Never Told, I Find Defeat.
In A Life Not Mine I Find Relief.
In A Soul So Cold, Here I Bleed.


Cannibal JonesSong

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