Kentucky Derby 2019

The horses are on the track

Bets have all been laid

I hope I get some money back

From the wager that I made.

Gambling is not my thing

It just is not my style

But at certain times I will indulge

If only for a while.

A raffle ticket here and there

The lotto now and then

Ussually just a buck or two

Never more than ten.

I hate to lose my hard earned cash

On silly flights of whim

But it's Kentucky Derby Day

And I put twenty in!

Now I don't drink mint juleps

Or have a fancy hat

I wont be at the derby

I'll be watching from my flat.

I chose the three that, to me,

Are the best of the breed

I researched their pedigree, their trainers

Their speed.

The trifecta its called

I hope it comes in

Improbable, Long Range Toddy

Win Win Win



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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 5th May 2019 16:44

No such luck...which is why I don't gamble

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