Another visit

Daylight finally comes

In yawning unrepentant stages

And I want to shrug off the sleep of the night

Turn off the bleep and cheep unholy communion of monitors

The farting

The coughing

The snoring

The swearing 

The confusion from the bed next door

But its nearly six o’clock

And time for temperatures

The blood pressure measure

Of heart rates and blood taken

The slowly moving milling stirring of another day

As I sink and slouch into a sleepy haze

Sliding under cover wishing it would all go away

Before I have to greet the beds and curtains

The smiling caring faces

That surround me

In this place for the

Hard of breathing

And the pounding bludgeoned hearts

That stop and start

Without impunity

Thank goodness I’m out

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Martin Elder

Fri 10th May 2019 09:39

Thanks to Jon and Dorothy for liking and Thanks to Stu and Rachel for commenting. This isn't something I would usually be inclined to write about, but the words came but it was more the frustration of being in hospital.

Thanks again to all


Thu 9th May 2019 16:14

I believe I'll have a brew in honor of your release, Martin--to many well days ahead for you.

Rachel x

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Stu Buck

Thu 9th May 2019 13:47

thank goodness indeed

i felt tight and claustrophobic just reading this martin

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Martin Elder

Thu 9th May 2019 11:44

Thanks to Nigel David and Jane for liking and Jason and Ray for commenting.

Ray you are right about the carry on theme, I hadn't quite considered that. One might expect Kenneth Williams to say those immortal words
'Oh matron' at anytime along with a giggling Barbra Windsor.

Jason I equate with your feelings towards hospitals. This was written as the result of a recent sojourn following another heart attack for which I am now recovering at home under my wife's strict ministrations. The upside was that I did a lot more reading which I had sadly neglected of late. But it meant I was climbing the walls so am glad to be out

Thanks to all for reading

love to all

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Wed 8th May 2019 11:11

All this needs is Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams onsite to lighten the atmosphere - which you have lovingly created with lots to weigh down the spirit Martin. Hard of breathing is a great phrase. In the midst of all this the smiling and caring faces seem like an antidote, and makes us sympathise with those in charge too.


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 7th May 2019 23:45

Took me right back to hospital and my thyroidectomy. They were great, the doctors and nurses, but I couldn't wait to get out.
Favourite lines, "In this place, for the hard of breathing."
Really evocative.

J. x

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