sexual apocalypse at the gym poem

imagine if you had stayed there forever 

on the cross fit, arms flailing comically 

legs metronomic, pumping sad alone 

nothing in your stomach but powdery bile 

sweat pouring off you, drenching the floor 

pooling in dewy puddles on the pedals 

staining the blue carpet tiles, trickling  

in salty ravines, hitting the mirrors 

cascading down the steps, bursting forth 

from the lockers and out to the street 


imagine i had walked in then 

barefoot, your scent engulfing me 

imagine me falling into your exhaustion 

sweat overtaking both our bodies 

drowning together in whispered truths 

imagine the searing pain as we are slit 

three deep cuts appearing on our throats 

lungs shrinking then gone, breathing at last 

in the gym, swimming through your brine 

the whole world engulfed in our power 


this is how we evolve 

in love 

no longer alone 

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Stu Buck

Mon 27th May 2019 16:51

cheers david! yes i only use the finest vpns for my late night browsing!

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Stu Buck

Mon 27th May 2019 14:58

cheers both! glad you liked it

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Sun 26th May 2019 20:01

Bloody brilliant. No analysis necessary Stu. Time for astral projection.


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Martin Elder

Sun 26th May 2019 18:58

I feel exhausted just reading this piece, but it is a s brilliant as ever . You capture the imagination and thoughts so well.
Marvellous stuff Stu
Love it

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