Humid nightmare lute musik

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A flinger of plurabilly teas

Came twice upon a time

Good times it was two

Dis goblin was a-coming downa road

An dis goblin that was a-coming downa road

Bet a nice-a-little boy name Baby Buckoo.

Her mother sneaked him dat story.

Her rather had a leery face:

Sin, sin, Jesuit-sin



Threw the grass darkly

Fat, thin, fat, thin, sin,sin

She has a faerie space 
 Wid a bonny-babymoocowface,

White milk, yellow lemon, black taste


Oh why is mi wife in a miner? quay?

Oh! why do me words a-mutter-to me?

Half de pound of tippenny lice

Half de pounded tree-bell

That’s de way the monkey blows

Plop goes the world’s-shell.”

Hand have she a goblin’s pretty lace ?
 And have she thought him

Widdda slicea cake?

Wiv d yellow plaits
Fer r to fright-a-cat

Come! Come! hankies-in d quays now


She sad a wood beneath her fleet

But, oh! she only ‘av her seams to bare
 She spread her seams under me feet

Feet, dainty and good t’eat
 Be oh! be careful of me seams





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John Marks

Sun 19th May 2019 01:11

Thanks Jennifer. I am trying! John E

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jennifer Malden

Sat 18th May 2019 20:03

Fantastic! Especially the 'song' part. Just reading it aloud is so funny.
Very original. Jennifer

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