forever a mirror

new poem

forever a mirror



A nuclear blast, you could say, 
many-headed forms
black eyes jewels
in headdress
dreamcaught as avian
issued from the storm

air alive, our dust
tangled up
in dna

and he himself 
by the moon
for a single example
proves no patterns
so                          they 
      sskip sk kipsss
      rep rep repeats


‘...a matter of national security...’
'the blast rocked bookshelves
a hundred miles away'

and he himself turned inward 
looking back, toward the wall
while the cosmic order 
gave way to the chaos
of butterflies and
tornados, flailed 
for pathseeking

there are no right angles in nature
spirals coalesce, he himself
whirring like a fuse as the forces
rise around him
drowning in Mandelbrots

like an epic from the Vedas, he has become
the vimana in the vortice, has entered
accidentally the Aleph
and the curse accumulates a cure

 transcript taken from interview with MK in the 2029 documentary  
man reflects shadow

‘...that’s when the senior solar biologist on Project Dreamcatcher) 
called for both Standard and Q-comp status updates. There was a 
sound like multiple tsunamis colliding and the whole room vibrated 
like a blender. The status update never came because the wave net 
filter took on too many ions and even though he himself 
was following protocol, namely facing the other way 
studying the resulting shadows on the wall, 
hoping to extrapolate data from the reflective surface, 
he... the implosion 
made he himself... dismantled somehow...’’
It’s at this point in the interview that MK shakes
 his head, eyes misting, exasperated
‘How do you describe the absolute disintegration
 of your perceived reality?’


with silence Light 
contained in the nucleus
of a perfect
system, he 
himself unfurled as a
pearl in a cracked clam
and shadows bled 
from the nook, 
swarmed the wall
drenched his corneas, the novae
like a poor man’s marriage

the data retained within the light itself,
equivalent to coding in silica, exists
as living wisdom
in the first and final burst 
of hypernature nowhere fast
and there already 
were the same

his sight set squarely 
on the reflection
as a shadow fractured 
into glassy fragments each of which
contained the whole.

he himself propelled
inside the dark of core
forever a mirror imitating
other lives, other smiles and cries
a black parallel of something better

a warning to the illuminated

so when you see the abyss behind you,
following as your shadow once did
it is not you who casts the dark
but he himself trapped in the mirage
quietly disintegrating
on the billion year journey


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