Passive by choice, Aggressive by nature.

(We all have a dark side, hemmed in by the light,

But controlled, it is useful, your dark slice of night)


It would be a mistake, to pick a fight with me,

I've had enough practice to know where to hit,

Only grace and experience make me act honourably,

Still, crack on if you must, but prepare for some shit.


I don't have the patience to withstand hyperbole,

All the false fluff was replaced with true grit, 

To say I'm, "Not bad," is a misuse of litotes,

More like passive by choice, because I have the wit.


So choose, but be careful to choose very carefully,

Like a rattling snake, my intent's implicit,

Only grace and experience make me act honourably,

So prepare for some shit 'cos I know where to hit.


Passive by choice, aggressive by nature,

One is ever the other ones foil,

The venomous bite, ever present a feature,

Wrapped up in each passive, controlling coil.

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jennifer Malden

Thu 30th May 2019 10:40

Have managed to go back a bit and read this more carefully. Great writing - liked 'your dark slice of night' in particular. Very cleverly written expressing the dark side which is not obvious from a casual glance.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Tue 21st May 2019 16:18

i do like this - I like the veiled threat and the hint of menace "wrapped up in each passive controlling coil)
A touch of ' the Jungle book' perhaps?

Nice one


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Jason Bayliss

Mon 20th May 2019 21:16

Thank you Jane, Don and Martin for your kind comments, and thank you Mae, Mona and Victoria for liking, glad you liked it.

J. x

<Deleted User> (21818)

Mon 20th May 2019 01:56

"Passive by choice, Aggressive by Nature"....a thought provoking line indeed. It's all about balance I'd say. Well done!

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Don Matthews

Sun 19th May 2019 23:02

I do like this Jason. I can feel the bite coming out. You have expressed it strongly in nice poetic form.

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Martin Elder

Sun 19th May 2019 22:43

This sounds like a very honest piece Jason. I will beware!
Love it.

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