This Morning

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Watching your turned back disappear

this morning, head stooped

beneath the black omen of your umbrella

ferrying you towards your day,

we parted as though in different streams

of the same dark river,

I began to think about those physicists

who would have us believe

there are infinite versions of ourselves,

going this way and that,

carried like scattered blossom

on the unending current of time,

where presumably two of us didn’t part today

but stubbornly carried on hand in hand,

winding through this city and

steering clear of our obligations,

In that small rebellious way

we often did when we first met.

As we sit alone later this morning

I will raise my coffee to these unseen travelers

and whatever tributary they found

that brought us back to one another.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 14th May 2019 00:49

Hello Tom,

your poem really set me thinking about journeys and pathways and how random they seem, and just how random they truly are or not.

I cannot bring myself to believe in singular parallel existences, although I do believe there is something we are not able to see regarding alternate dimensions. I am not sure if those things are external to our being or actually within us.

I once watched a person walk away from me very much in the manner you describe in the first few lines of this poem. There was no reason for me to expect never to see that person again, and every reason to be assured of that expectation..yet in that clear moment I knew it was the final time I would see them, it felt like drowning..a most unusual and helpless feeling.

I appreciate the use of the associated words..ferrying, tributaries, river..the entire poem seeming like a meandering voyage connecting ultimately to its original point of departure.



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Martin Elder

Sun 12th May 2019 22:59

'beneath the black omen of your umbrella'
what a wonderful line. One the at stands out for me in amongst a number of excellent lines. Nice one Tom

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Sun 12th May 2019 22:21

Often in your poems there is a moment of revelation or pause for consideration of the "current of time" and it always seems to draw us along in a persuasive way. This is a fine example of that. A sense of experience shared Tom.


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Jason Bayliss

Sun 12th May 2019 18:47

Really like this Tom, particularly the clever use and positioning of the words, "in different," to also suggest, "indifferent."


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