Her Name Is E...

A day without E is better off Breathless,

May my soul escape if my stream is empty.


Seek and find the girl named E,

packed with love she doesn't discriminate,

Her race is spectrum body tailored to your preference.


Undergo E she'll turn the toughest man empathetic.

Open your eyes wide as the sky,

Her love brings out a high unreal,

to experience one must be willing to fly.


The feeling of Cloud 9 is an understatement.

She gives life makes the heartbeat lose its patience.

E doesn’t give butterflies,

Yet makes the confident man sweat.


Intercourse with E turns your bodily movements

parallel to the speed of light.

Personal Connection, she shares her body with no other man.


Once intertwined, E sweeps all off their feet,

Your body is an ignition and she is the only key,

Bound to love, Longing to love, Sprung in love with E...


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Adam Whitworth

Sat 25th May 2019 12:39

Appreciate the poetic writing. I'll take E as a young lassie rather than the drug E thankyou very much.

Logan Turner

Sat 25th May 2019 09:29

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