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And Just When I Think It’s Raining……..

I’ve Learned To Love The Pain.
I’ve Grown To Love The Rage.
I’ve Blown Away All The Days
And Hate The Weeks All The Same.

I’ve Got A Story Writing In My Head.
Beheld A Villain And I Saw Red.
Another Mission And I Woke-Up Dead.
Here We Go, Just To Repeat The Same.
Pass The Time, Another Unfinished Game.
I Took A Life, Never Knowing His Name.
High Times, Flying By At Night.
Dreaming Of The Day To Have A Life.
Don’t Wanna Sell My Soul For Dollar Signs.
Midnight Special, Shine Your Light On Me.
Materialism’s Just Not My Thing.
The World Ends With Not A Bang,
But With Applause.

Cannibal JonesSong

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