The beautiful, sublime

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Great heights can terrify

Mystify the eye and mind

Break the calculus of proportion

That keeps us fixed to the wheel

Of an appointed symmetry.

Break the bond of everyday proportion

Release the incalculable sublime into the world

The beautiful pursuit of extremity 

The man who walks to Santiago de Compostela

On his knees.

My daughter who scurries over a canyon in the Himalayas on a rickety rope bridge.

The valiant know that they will taste death but the once.

So let the limitless sublime attract our hearts and minds.

Let us attend to the sublimity of nature: contemplate the stars, their number, age and distance, 

Release the mind from the manacles of geometric proportion, enter black holes;

Discover,  like Johnny Keats did, long ago, the sublime resource we have within our soul

To make the world a-new free from the terror of the error that lurks beneath the skin

For the sublime is the strongest emotion which the human mind is capable of feeling

We must learn not to be frightened of the enormity of awe

It is what we were born for:

To be on the edge of a miracle





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