Car Company


We are a car company

known for futuristic cars

and futuristic promises

that we never live up to

we are also heavily in debt

because our government subsidies

ran out and now

we have to actually produce something

to justify our existence

it's not easy being a company floundering in debt

we promise our investors we will prosper

unfortunately our promises

are as empty as our car showrooms

we make electric cars

that in turn make fires and explosions

but the press loves us

because we make outlandish projections

that sound exciting

and we have the environmentalists fooled

they will believe anything with the word

Electric in it

we have been fooling people for years

the only one getting rich is the car company owner

who has to keep his lifestyle going

he is rich and famous and

used to fawning and adulation

this whole car company scheme smells fishy

but it is in reality

the smell of musk.



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