Fragile Wizard

The Bloody Rain Of Heaven Falls Upon The Dirt
And The Frozen Fires Of Hell Melt Into The Earth.
The Vomited Sins Are Eaten By Demonic Fireflies
And The Thunders Spill Through The Dead Skies.
Stars Float Into The Mind Of Insanity
Ready To Fall Into The Darkness Below.
I’ve Found The Wand Of Lucifer
Within The Snake Of Vertigo.
The Fisherman Of Dark Mists Hunts After Tears Of Blue
So Satan Consumes The World To Find All Hate The Truth
Muscles Deteriorate From My Bones
And Veins Dissolve Into My Skin.
Every Little Part Of Hell You’ve Been,
I’ll Take You There Again And Again.
The Drunken Thoughts Of This Sober Man         
Are Far Too Confusing To Understand
Like The Neon Lights In A Darkened Day
Are Just The Feelings In The Way.
The Weight In My Eyes To My Forgotten Grin,
I Can Only Dream Of Love,
 The Way It Should’ve Been.
The Rat Of Reincarnation Has Dug Into My Ribs
And Given Me Immortality, Only For Me To Give.
I’ve Crashed The Plane Of Tolerance 
Into Your Brain Of Lies
Falling Into The Agony Of All Of Your Goodbyes.
I’m Giving Up Our Life 
The Way You’ve Given Up On Me
And My Guardian Angel’s Broken Both Her Wings.
I Feel The Evil Flow As Though Acid Rain
And Hate Swallow Me Like Burning Pain.
Black Tears Drip Down My Face And Touch The Sky
And Thunders Spill Through My Bloodshot Eyes.
I Form The Smoke With My Anger 
And Taste Gravity With My Mind.
I Am Forever Ageing Backwards
Without A Contemplation Of Time.
I Melt Fire Into Ice And Mix Oceans Into Bone,
Destroy Imagination And Heal Brain Into Stone.
A Capture Of Souls And Crushing Lungs,
Rape The Angels, Cut Out Their Tongues.
A Praise Of Witches Loyal To Me.
A Murder Of Satan Sets Demons Free.
Mimic The Moon, Scorch The Sun,
And Count The Stars ‘Till There’s None.
We Circle The Vultures Sleeping Under Your Bed.
A Show Of Reality Is All In Your Head. 


Cannibal JonesTeenage Poetry

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