The Power Of Ten

Tend to the tension in your tense and terse relationships,

Mend your tendention if you want to stand a chance,

Resist your sententious clucking, hands resting upon your hips,

Your censure is a weeping boil, so extend your Lance.


Pretend your intention is to tilt us all towards the light,

Contend every mention that your voice came from the dark,

Just Tweet little bird 'cos ten thousand more confirm you're right,

Judgement to the power of ten, even though it's stark.


Abandon the pretension that screaming words into the night,

Has ever eased the tension of those that scream them back,

Admit your intention is, you need the world to say you're right,

So Tweet over the jaws of hell while your words extend the crack.


Extend a hand of friendship to those around who need you most,

Listen twice as hard, though it might be seen as meek,

Tension is the venom that they Tweet with each tendentious post,

So don't Twitter like a little bird, when you intend to speak.

◄ "Tanka You Very Much."

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 5th May 2019 22:10

Thanks Jennifer it took a bit of working out, I wanted to get a, "Ten," in every line and to make the total amount of,"Tens," divisible by ten, (With it being called the power of ten), which is why there are 20 in total. I just found that element of it quite entertaining.


J. x

jennifer Malden

Sun 5th May 2019 10:48

Don't think 'it lacks quality' at all, but is very cunningly written. Really agree with the last two verses in particular. Listening is just not 'cool' nowadays. Don't use the social networks because it seems to me a total waste of time to post venomous invective or one's daily routine.Can't stand the mania for selfies either. Great language!


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Jason Bayliss

Sun 5th May 2019 08:27

I've had this theme in my head for weeks around the number ten (and it also helps that I hate Twitter.)

So apologies if it lacks quality, I just had to get it out, then at least I don't have this nagging internal voice vaguely saying, "Ten, ten, something to do with ten."

J. x

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